Entrepreneurs also need training

No matter what your designation or job profile, you have only one real agenda at work – making people happy. If you can focus on getting this one thing right, you will truly create magic wherever you go.

Make your boss happy: You were recruited to make your seniors life easier. Juniors are hired to make the senior’s work and life easier. There is no other purpose. And when you do your job well, and make your boss happy, you have made his investment in you worth his while.

Make your subordinates happy: Your juniors look up to you for direction, support and motivation. Take time to offer them your best self. A kind word, acknowledged and a helping hand adds the spark and energy in their work. Juniors are happy and perform better when they are cared for by their seniors. Make your presence a joy to your juniors and you will find you and your team touching heights never experienced before.

Your colleagues may not be directly related to your work, but they sure add to your overall experience at work. Being polite, courteous and encouraging makes them feel happy around you. You had better create a happy office environment to come to every day of your life.

When you do your work well, your end client is pleased with the performance. And when your client is happy your company flourishes. And when your company flourishes you secure your job and progress. Even if you don’t directly interact with clients or customers, your happiness outflow eventually is felt is left in the out flow of the company. In short always keep your clients happy.

Creating happiness is never a waste of time or energy. There is no happiness which is a waste of one’s efforts. Happiness creates magic, it creates support and it creates performance. And for it you can be the source of all that is good, you are going to be the greatest beneficiary of your actions.

Why do entrepreneurs need training?

A lot of entrepreneurs fall into entrepreneurship, without a grounding in business knowledge. Today, it is important to build a base of knowledge to recognize the importance of networking skills and to hone the ability to have a larger vision to build a bigger business. This is true for everyone considering embarking on an entrepreneurial career pathway – whether that will be forming a business based around new technology, developing a social enterprise or taking an innovation forward within a larger or more established organization.

Investment in self development before setting off on a venture shortens the learning curve of the individual. Going back to school and learning essential skills allow entrepreneurs to understand business realities. It also helps to review investment options and exposes them to much harder aspects of business.

Developing a good network is very critical. Through the network future business owners can communicate their ideas and receive valuable feedback. Entrepreneurs need to understand the industry or the vertical in which they seek to launch their business. They need to have a clear understanding of the potential of their idea and finally they need to have a good vision of growing the business beyond the initial good idea.

In the UK, there is a lot of support for students hoping to be entrepreneurs in universities. It has student enterprise societies, which is quite a force in student entrepreneurship. It is important to have motivation, guidance and support within the student and academic circles.

Amongst the obvious reasons such as better opportunities, more investment money, the success stories are a huge point of inspiration for more people to break out on their own.