Improvement Implementation Policy – Seiton System

R made a report of the facts to his group leader, V and asked him for his advice on getting the direction of improvement themes.

V suggested (1) setting a main theme to get the Seiton system on the right track, (2) then do the one or two sub-theme improvements that are the most pressing, and (3) after these are completed, the other sub-themes would be put in order of priority depending on problems which come up at that time.

In conformance with V’s policy, R worked out the following improvement themes and improvement policies.

Reduce the number of small parts warehouses from two to one.

a) Integrate the two warehouses into one. In order to do this, parts need to be categorized into unnecessary, nonessential, surplus, and daily use. Unnecessary, nonessential, and surplus will be stored in one warehouse in order to reduce the amount of stock. Then devise a plan for disposing of unnecessary items.
b) Items used constantly will be delivered directly to the workshop assembly line, with storage control being directly by the workplace.

Improvements in workshop assembly line Seiton storage racks:

a) Small parts which are constantly used will be delivered directly to the workshop assembly line, and Seiton storage racks installed for the purpose.
b) Label racks and divisions with the names of parts so that Seiton can be accomplished easily.
c) Racks will be positioned in accordance with Seiton steps for the collection system and kit system.

Improvements in stock control systems:

a) Constant-use parts for the workshop assembly line use a stock control system which is close to the planned purchase system.
b) Nonessential and surplus items will be delivered directly to the integrated warehouse. The ordering system will be, as a rule, planned purchasing.

Improvements in Seiton operations system through Kanban system

a) Seiton operations will be done by the Kanban system according to subcontracting steps.
b) A Kanban dispatch board will be installed in the subcontractor line, and a Kanban will be displayed on it. It is required for dispatching of orders.

R submitted his improvement concepts to V, received his approval, and then began to create his improvements proposal.

Main Improvements Points for Improvements Themes with Emphasis on Small Parts Seiton System:

Main concrete improvement points for Seiton system according to Kanban system

a) For extremely small parts for electrical devices. Extremely small parts for electrical devices (screws, washers, etc) will be placed in the extremely small parts container for electrical devices on the work table box in the state in which they are purchased (the parts will not be delivered to the warehouse; only the forms for paperwork will be delivered to the warehouse). Accordingly Seiton will only be a formality. When the parts are depleted down to the ordering line, workers will order a new supply through their group leader.

When the other workers complete preparation and tool setting operations up to the point where the parts become necessary, they will take the transportation car to the work table, and place the small parts in the boxes which are arranged in order of use in operations.

Main improvement points and positioning of Seiton storage racks for workshop line

a) Small parts for the assembly line that are constantly used the workshop will not be stored and controllable in the middle warehouse for subcontracting small parts, but directly controlled and stored in the workshop, and Seiton storage racks for the workshop assembly line will be installed for that purpose. The storage racks will be divided into kit box storage and individual parts storage, with the amount stored to be decided after a survey is taken.
b) The kit box storage will be arranged so that one kit is placed in each division, and the division will be labeled with a division number and item number.

The number of items to be placed in each kit and the amount of each item will be decided later. The operation of sets for the next order will be done by a few workers in the assembly line operation while other workers are doing preparation and tool setting operations for the present order.

c) Seiri Seiton and storage by putting one item from one rack division into the parts box.

d) Put division numbers and item numbers and names on both kit storage rack and individual parts rack.