Getting liked by colleagues at workplace

Enough has been written about the likability factor and the intrinsic need to be liked. At the workplace, likability determines most aspects of one’s personal life from bagging business deals to promotions.

When someone is disliked at work, it sours the work environment. For instance, A, B, and C are in the same team. And C is disliked by A and B. They always give him a cold shoulder treatment and never interact with him beyond what is required. This makes C feel ill-at-ease and he performs poorly. A and B are also uncomfortable and are unable to discuss and speak things out in C’s presence. In this way the entire team suffers the looming distance.

Some employees have around them a festive air which attracts others. Such employees are liked by many. The ability to infuse happiness at the workplace determines who could want to be around you. It’s the ability to create positivity in one’s surrounding and in getting work done with ease. It is difficult to work around people who stress other team members and little is accomplished if they are pulled up. This definitely brings them down on the likability scale.

Factors that determine likability can start from the superficial appearance to ultimately being a genuinely nice person. Theories in English literature state that it’s easier to be an evil person, but, goodness requires effort on the part of every person. So, why is it that some people are good and some plain unbearable? It is largely to do with our immediate surrounding and upbringing. But one need not blame it on that alone. Making a genuine effort in knowing oneself and in changing for the better is important.

Physical appearance is an instant judge about whom you like and whom you don’t. However, physical appearance alone has seldom garnered success. Looks along with the right attitude has helped more. Being well dressed and having a pleasing personality are a must at any work place. Sometimes the kind of attributes and features you are given is not so much in your control. But being well dressed is a thing that lies in your hands. An appropriately dressed employee puts forth his/her professional attitude and dedication towards the work. These employees also generally appear happy with life and its shows.

Another way to belong and to be liked is in sharing common interest or at least in being informed. This requires you to be well read, and also pursue hobbies if required. This, not only keeps you happy, but also stimulates you to have great conversations. Individuals are drawn to people who have similar experiences. This does not mean you try hard to do everything out there, but certainly being open to accepting any situation you are put into will allow you to grow as an individual. Sharing common insights, experiences and opinions increases ones likability factor.

There are many ways by which you can be liked by your colleagues. Here are some tips:

1) Remember to compliment people on their achievements
2) Always empathize with others’ feelings
3) Never say something you do not mean. Flattery never takes you far
4) Co-operate with others while working in a team
5) Always highlight any differences diplomatically and politely
6) Never let your intergrity come in question
7) Always be hardworking, serious and motivated
8) Be candid and open while communicating with others
9) Always listen patiently when someone is speaking to you
10) Never hurt someone’s self esteem by putting them down.