Staying alert at work – some techniques

No matter how much you love your job there comes a point when boredom and monotony sets in. To ward off this tediousness you need to stay focused and keep yourself motivated at work. Here are some steps to stay alert and positive at work:

The first thing you should do when you go to office is make a to-do list. Make sure you stick to this list, as it will not only help you complete your work on time, but also keep you from postponing the tedious tasks. Assign certain tasks to certain time periods. For instance during the afternoon slump post lunch, engage in a task which demands a whole lot of concentration which will also not put you to sleep.

When your current task is just about to get finished and when you have no further projects in hand, take initiative and start a new project. Tell your boss you want to be assigned with a new challenge. This will not only build your self confidence but also keep you on your toes.

During a break, break away from work completely. Do not think about how much work you have or which way a certain project needs to be done. Rather, try and focus on recuperating and gathering your energy. Do some relaxing breathing exercises or just sit back, loosen up and talk to your colleagues. It helps in relieving tension and staying alert.

It is all in mind. If you think that your job is boring, you will not be able to keep your eyes open even if you want to. Albeit you are doing a really dull task, keep yourself motivated. Try not to get discouraged by the dreariness of the job and look at the positive side. It will teach you new things about your self – what your limit is and how much patience you have.

Learn new skills that will help reduce the work load. Skills that will make you work quicker. For instance, if you have to work a lot on the computer, learn new software skills such as key shortcuts. Try and gain more knowledge about the functions of the computer if you can. This will lessen the amount of time that you spend on a certain task and it will also give you the confidence to take on new projects.

The greatest lessons in change come form when you renovate your house. Even a change in the wall paint means frustrations. Change is certainly good, but what most people cannot deal with is the temporary mess that comes along with the change. However, we tell you what change is and why is it good for you:

Change means exploring new territories: If you have opted for change, it means that you are seeking more. That is a good sign. Progress means moving forward; you can’t be on the way to progress by remaining at your current position forever.

Change means putting out the old: It also means letting go and making peace with the emptiness that comes with it. It means making meaningful space.

Change means temporary confusion and mess: The whole process of change can be messy. It takes an emotional and physical toll on you as you deal with the chaos and confusion that comes along. But the good part is that this phase is temporary.

Settling in the new will take time: Even if the change towards the new is quick, it takes time for the dust to settle and for you to adjust to the new rules, the new demands and the new comforts

Keep an attitude for change: Change is the key word that will lead you to success. Having an attitude and getting ready for change means that you are ready to accept temporary inconvenience and delay for future results.