Interesting HR situations

After a long break……………

Resuming work after a long break can leave you feeling a bit disoriented. Believe us, it’s natural. However, all you need is a couple of days to get back into the way of things. Here are some easy ways to reacquaint your self with the work and the workplace environment:

As you settle at your desk, share a few holiday stories with your teammates. Also ask how their personal lives have been. Once that is out of the way, enquire after work – projects that were on when you went on your break or new projects that have come your team’s way.

For a clearer and better understanding, go through files and folders of recent jobs done. You will get the hang of things and your brain will start distancing itself from the holiday mood you have been in.

Obviously since you’ve been absent from the scene for long, new projects won’t come your way for at least a couple of days or more. Till then offer to help your teammates with their work.

The best way to gauge and update your self on the office happenings is to flutter around the coffee vending machine. You will inadvertently stumble across some hot news. Or you can share the lunch table with colleagues from other departments or visit the office hang out area, you’ll immediately start feeling like you never went away.

To show your interest in getting back to work, approach your boss. Ask whether something new is coming the department’s way and whether you can start work on it or assist someone with the existing work.

Boss is angry……..…

Handling an angry boss is as tricky as handling a spouse. You have to tread with care. Here’s how to deal with your superior at work:

Listen calmly: When you find yourself at the receiving end of your boss’ wrath, the most important thing for you to do is remain calm. Listen to everything she says and do not interrupt. Let her get all her anger out and then present your case. In the end, she is your boss and no matter what, you cannot answer or yell back.

Mind your body language: Your body language is the key to your mind. While your boss is going on and on at you do not assume an arrogant posture. If you do so, then it is as good as egging him on: Relax your body but do not be too lax. Assume a non-threatening posture and keep your face blank.

Be humble and apologize: If you are in the wrong, accept it and apologies humbly. Tell your boss it was a genuine oversight on your part and that it will never happen again. Come up with a solution to rectify he mistake and get to it asap.

Your boss will give you another chance as it is very difficult to maintain a belligerent attitude against someone who is trying to redress the error.

Inform if not at fault: In this case, first listen calmly to what your boss is saying. Try figure out if there is even an iota’s mistake on your part. If not, then when you present your side tell her as coolly as possible that you are being wrongly accused and that you did not commit the mistake. But let her know that you are willing to help discover how the mistake occurred and rectify it.

Be a help: After your boss has cooled down, assist her in damage control. Go all out and get the work back on track. You will come across as a responsible worker, someone whom owns up to his / her mistake and is willing to rectify it.