Innovative Portfolio network management – Product by Cisco

Innovative Portfolio network management Product by Cisco

Cisco Systems today introduced the Cisco Network Application Performance Analysis (NAPA) solution, an innovative portfolio of network management products and customer support services that provide IT management with a holistic view of the interaction between network resources and application performance. The Cisco NAPA solution helps ensure that customers with business-critical applications can operate efficient and effective networks. Customers can react quickly to high-priority application performance problems while proactively planning for changing network requirements.

The Cisco NAPA solution helps enable IT operation managers and network managers to gain new levels of visibility into their network as well as provide more certainty in the delivery of application performance. The solution combines tools that work together to monitor and predict application requirements and network issues aligned with support services to help customers solve problems immediately. In support of Cisco SONA adaptive management services, the Cisco NAPA solution includes advanced customer support services that help implement and manage the solution based on a lifecycle approach and the customer’s specific needs. It provides a network-wide view and optimizes across many networking technologies and protocols. “The Cisco NAPA solution integrates products and services into a single intelligent solution helps customers better communicate within the IT organization. This solution helps ensure IT managers proactively and accurately isolate bandwidth and network performance problems so that they can meet service-level objectives to support application performance.

“The efficient interaction between applications and the network is critical to Thomson Financial’s business success,” said Ayman Soliman, Senior Network Architect at Thomson Financial. The Cisco NAPA solution is just the first phase of Cisco’s application network performance management vision.”

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    thanks , In addition, the Cisco NAPA Solution provides a lifecycle approach to network management that helps meet the complex requirements of today’s technologies and business demands by allowing customers to proactively plan for future requirements and quickly respond to current application-performance issues. The solution offers a comprehensive set of tools and services that can be used to monitor, analyze, and optimize the network as the customer needs evolve