Right career choice

It is not what you study but where you study that matters. A good institution not only imparts quality education but also makes valuable contributions to your future life and career. That is why the all important decision of what you want to study further should be followed with some careful and detailed planning of which institute you want to study in. We make your task a little simpler. Here are some factors that you should consider when selecting an institute which will mould your future:

This is the biggest factor while choosing an academy, whether in India or abroad. Surveys are conducted every year to test the standards and quality of education across the country. Research the Internet or go through the latest newspaper or educational magazines. It will give you a fair idea of which are the best institutes in different fields of education.

Do a check on the faculty members; renowned institutions are known to attract and retain quality professors, both full time and part time. The visiting faculty, made up of prominent people from different industries, can also make a difference in the industry and practical learning. Again, check with ex-students to find out about the quality of teaching. Once you have gained entry to the desired institution, be proactive and initiate regular interaction with the professors.

It is the teaching methodology that will give students of an institution an edge over others, especially professional courses. A good institution will have an interactive teaching methodology and lots of scope for practical work and lab training. A good college should have a balance between theory, conceptual findings, research and practice.


This makes all the difference in the learning process. Take a round of the institute. Check whether they have a well stocked library, good computer lab and Internet facilities, lockers, canteen etc. Don’t forget to visit the classrooms as well. See if they are equipped with good seating arrangements, presentations equipment and so on. If you are going to stay on campus, check the hostel.

It is not just about where you are studying it is also about who you are studying with. A good academy will have a good mix of academic as well as working students, which will ensure that you are part of a good professional network in future.

Quality professional education doesn’t come cheap. But that needn’t stop you from considering the course you wish to pursue. Many good institutes offer scholarships to needy students. Banks also are willing to lend students an educational loan, especially if you have gotten selected in a reputed institute. Also, you can start repaying the loan only after you have finished your education. So find out if your academy is an approved institution with your education finance company.

Reputed institutions have affiliations with different Indian or foreign universities. They have exchange programs that encourage a cosmopolitan learning environment and ensure standard quality education and exposure to the international education.

Check out the alumni of the institution. Chances are that they will be the first to offer placements to fresh graduates from that college. It will help you ascertain whether the institute attracts the attention of industry leaders.

After making a right career choice you enter into a career say job where to be efficient at work you may have to adopt certain disciplined principles of your own.