Earn supplemental income

Today’s economic crisis has created challenging times for many employees. While most of them are fretting over job security, there are many who are looking at different ways to earn those extra bucks.

What can you do with supplemental income? Much more. Just take your pick: put the extra money into your savings account, buy stuff you have always wanted to have, invest the extra cash, may be pay off a few pending bills. These and more are reasons enough why employees these days are seeking ways to earn extra money besides earning from their regular, full time jobs.

Working part time is often the want to go if you want to earn extra without disrupting your regular job. Assess your skills, hobbies, interests and training. Usually, you will find that the source income for you is usually something that is related to your current job.

VM, for example, who is working as an assistant manager with a financial organization is also an Avon representative for the last 20 years. As an assistant manager, he has lot of responsibilities and need to put in at least 7-8 hours of work. But he tries to devote some time everyday to the networking business (Avon) as it requires him to attend meetings.

Supplemental income is very important in today’s economic crisis. The standard of living has gone up to quite an extent. It is not just food, clothing and shelter, but a lot of other needs that need to be fulfilled. Although there is too much of hard work involved. VM doesn’t mind putting in extra hours as it gets her the extra income along with recognition.

AA, who owns a chic boutique in a posh suburban area strongly feels the need for a supplemental income. A second job always comes handy as it fetches the much needed extra bucks. Besides owning a boutique, AA is also an agent advisor with a leading life insurance company. And not only that, she also works as a sub agent with a travel agency wherein she issues tickets to her clients. Since insurance is the only guaranteed factor, it gets her good business which in turn gets the extra income. She operates as a sub agent from her boutique itself as she has enough space. She gets access to international fares at a lesser rate and this helps her to get a few extra bucks.

For AF, who is currently working for a leading BPO as a product trainer, putting his creative talent to use is the best way to earn supplemental income. AF who is trained guitarist, gives guitar tuitions and when he finds time from work. A call center job usually pays well, so there is no need for a second job. A second job can be taken up as a passion and not really as an extra source of income.

Some ways given here to earn supplemental income:

1) Earn money from your hobbies – Turn your garden into a produce shop, put your baking skills to good use, or sell handmade crafts.
2) Put your musical talents to good use – can you play an instrument? Hire yourself to play at small parties, or offer music lessons.
3) Put up things on sale – have a garage sale or put unused and unwanted items up for sale.
4) Become a tutor – Fluent in more than one language or a whiz at math? Post flyers around your neighborhood or place an ad in the local paper and put your expertise to good use.
5) Rent a room – If you have a spare room in your house or an apartment, consider giving it on rent.
6) Embrace your inner chef – Have a neighborhood bake sale with your famous cookies, pastries and pies or find a local restaurant looking for fresh, homemade pastries.