Performance and overcoming office politics

Besides improving one’s skill set in the current scenario, employees are showing an inclination towards adding value to the organization through added responsibilities. From employees’ point of view, upgrading skills and multi-tasking would make them preferred candidates.

In the current scenario, it has been witnessed that many companies are downsizing their employee strength and also adopting various cost cutting initiatives. Keeping this in mind, many employees have started realizing the fact that in order to keep up with the present situation, one should start enhancing one’s job skills and also multi task.

According to the Latest team lease study, companies are adding responsibilities on the staff coupled with cuts in the salaries to get maximum value form their employees. Additionally, companies are witnessing changes like implementing stringent performance metrics and cutting costs on infrastructure expenditure reveals the study.

The need of the hour is to make sure that employees are a great value addition to the organization. This crisis is the first low tide for a younger generation of workers that have only known high tide. The only upside of this tragedy is that expectations are becoming realistic on both sides with unintended positive consequences like multi-skilling, higher productivity and cross functional exposure.

The mindset has changed a lot. From being on a continual look out for better opportunities, candidates are happy to retain their jobs with their current employers. From employees’ point of view, upgrading skills and multi-tasking would make them preferred candidates, and thus reduce the risk of a job loss.

The mindset of employees in the current scenario is to ensure that they give their 100 percent in their jobs, and knowing that the economy is slow, they are ensuring that they don’t lose out on any opportunity to prove themselves. One who falls as a victim of recession feels the hit and takes it on with a negative feeling, wherein some accept the challenge and push themselves to they limits of desired performance.

In a situation when ‘pink slips’ are in the news almost every single day, employees believe that upgrading skills and multi-tasking are the best options to sail through the tide.

Office politics:

Why is office politics considered dirty? Essentially, when the power in organization is concentrated in one group of people, who often end up calling the shots, others feel hard done by because in such cases the favorites in his group enjoy the best of projects and perks. This can affect the morale and productivity of employees outside that group. The senior management has to spend a lot of time in resolving issues created by office politics, which might affect the performance of the firm. It also leads to greater employee turnover, and the organization can lose valued employees, not to mention the cost involved in finding and raining a new person for the post. It is common to find undercurrents of politics in every office – big or small. Here are some tricks to manage and handle office politics in a positive manner:

It is best that you never reveal the exact details of your pay or perks package, as this might create a feeling of animosity amongst other colleagues who get lesser pay than you. They might gang up against you and try to malign you.

Sure, gossip is bad and you are not comfortable playing politics, but if you distance yourself from the others you are in danger of being isolated and being cut out of the loop. You do not need to actively participate but stay on the periphery and get all the information you can.

You may often find yourself on the receiving end of petty politics. It’s best not to react instantly. Consider the source and what brought it on. If possible have a word with the person. And if everything else fails and you are being unnecessarily targeted speak with your HR personnel.

There may be two strong individual’s who disagree on how things should be executed. Instead of deciding on which one you should follow, ensure that you create open communication channels and find a way of having complete transparency in functioning, so that in the end you don’t wind up as the fall guy.