Life has a processional effect

Changes lead to more changes. Growth leads to more growth. By starting to make changes, by growing in bits and pieces, you can slowly but steadily change your life. Like the rock thrown into the still pond, you create ripples that grow larger in the future. It’s often the littlest thing, viewed over time that makes the biggest difference.

Think of two arrows pointing in the same general direction. If you make a tiny change in the direction of one of them, if you push it three or four degrees in a different direction, the change will probably be imperceptible at first. But if you follow that path for yards and ten for miles, the difference will become greater and greater until there’s no relation at all between the first path and the second.

It won’t change you overnight (unless you go to work on yourself tonight!) But if you learn to run your brain, if you understand and make use of things like syntax, sub-modalities, values, and meta-programs, the differences over six weeks and six months and six years will change your life. Like modeling, you already do in some form. Others are new. Just remember, everything in life is cumulative. If you use one of the principles in this book toady, you’ve taken a step. You’ve set a cause in motion, and every cause creates an effect or result, and every result piles on the last one to take us in a direction. Every direction carries with it an ultimate destination.

Here’s a final question to consider. In what direction are you presently going? If you follow your current direction, where will you be in five years or ten years? And is that where you want to go? Be honest with yourself. The best way to predict the future is to get a clear idea of what is happening now. You need to do the same things in your life. Think about the direction you are going in, and whether it is where you really want to go. If it is not, you change. Ultimate power means the ability to change, to adapt, to grow, to evolve. Unlimited power doesn’t mean you always succeed or that you never fail. Unlimited power just means you learn from every human experience and make every experience work for you in some way. It is unlimited power to change your perceptions, to change your actions, and to change the results you’re creating. It is your unlimited power to create and to love that can make the biggest differences in the quality of your life.

If you ask people about their richest experiences in life, they’ll usually come up with something they did as part of a team. Sometimes it’s literally that, a sports team they’ll remember forever. Sometimes it’s a business team that did something memorable. Sometimes the team is your family or your spouse, being on a team makes you stretch, it makes you grow. Other people can nurture and challenge you in ways you can’t yourself. People will do things for others they won’t do for themselves. And they will get things form others that will make it worthwhile.

If you are alive, you are on some team. It can be your family, your relationship, your business, your city, your country, your world. You can sit on the bench and watch, or you can get up and play. My advice to you is to be a player. Join the hunt. Share your world. Because the more you give, the more you get; the more you use the skills for yourself and for others, the more they’ll bring back to you.