Women employees and their right look

Several women employees have carved a niche for themselves in India Inc, a few experts point out that gender bias still continues to exist at the workplace. Though several organizations claim to be an equal opportunity employer and constantly follow the principle of work place diversify do they really practice what they preach?

India Inc has come a long way a long way towards ensuring workplace diversity by increasing the number of female employees in their workforce. It is heartening to see that in several institutions, girl students outnumber the boys. However, India Inc. is still at par with its counterparts in the West. Organizations have to consciously promote diversity to ensure that they become equal opportunity employers removed of any biases.

It is clearly evident that the services industry has more number of women employees and particularly in knowledge industries such as IT and BPO etc women have gained a strong foothold. While there is an overall increase in women employees, the ratio is still skewed in favor of male employees, particularly at senior management and CXO levels. However, there has been a sudden surge of women entrepreneurs.

According to me, this trend is domain specific and function specific. In India, financial services, advertising, media, IT and some other sectors have no gender bias whatsoever, and women and men, in these industries receive equal opportunities to explore. However, in certain sectors and functions such as manufacturing of industrial products or selling into non-metro areas etc women occupy a meager part of the workforce. This is a matter of practicality rather than gender bias – the cultural baggage that some of these industries hold make it impractical to have women take on these jobs. And India is very much ahead as far as equal pay for equal jobs is concerned women are paid as much or as little as men are paid in similar jobs pay is more a variant of one’s ability to negotiate than any customary bias.

In the highly competitive corporate world, there is never a second chance. The right look and image is very important in establishing a good impression. Remember that appearance matters. After all, you are the face of your organization. Here are some tips to enhance your personality:

Make your life easy by having a trendy haircut that does not need much maintenance. It can take away years form your face without disrupting your schedule styling it.

Broken or chipped nails can spoil your look and are a pain to maintain. A smart thing to do is to have acrylic tips or overlays done on them. These remain for 15 days without maintenance. However they have to be done by a professional and you will need to visit a nail saloon every two to three weeks.

If your skin is losing its glow and your work timings don’t give you the luxury of visiting a salon, here is a quick fix. Use a mask once a week that nourishes as well as exfoliates your skin.

A well groomed look means not one hair out of place. Get your hair back if you have short hair or bun it if you have long hair. Scarves add color and spark to your personality, so pull one on whenever you can.

Eat right. Find time in your busy schedule and make sure you eat a healthy snack every three to four hours. Nuts, yoghurt and fruits are good energy-giving food. Keep breadsticks or

Get up from your chair every two hours to avoid any stiffness in the back. Exercise or 5-10 minutes even if it is in your chair. Try these simple exercises rotating your ankles, bending and holding your ankles, sit ups on the chair using your elbow, moving your arms up and down, etc. Make use of stairs instead of the elevator when going up and down in your workplace.

Be organized. Plan your wardrobe for the week in advance so you save time in trying to pick and choose daily. This trick also ensures that you get your ensemble right. Do not forget to team your accessories with your attire.

Use waterproof makeup for your eyes so that you do not have smudged eyes at the end of a long day at work. Also, drink plenty of water to feel fresh and hydrated. You will be raring to tackle another hectic week ahead.