The animation industry

Just a few years ago, animation was seen as being kids’ entertainment, and was restricted to cartoons. But that’s not the case anymore. There has been a tremendous shift in the audience for animated movies and animated movies have gained huge popularity amongst adults and grown ups. Blockbuster movies like Ice Age and Shrek, which were equally popular among the adults, are an example of this.

The animation industry is among the fastest growing segments of the entertainment and media industry and it has matured a great deal in terms of technical expertise over the last five years. As per the latest FICCI reports, the value of the global animation industry is estimated to reach the staggering worth of INR 1530 billion by 2010.

The size of the Indian animation industry still stands at a modest 17.4 billion. This industry gained significance in India as an outsourced destination for animation work primarily due to low cost and skilled labors and India is already considered to be the hub for global outsourcing in 3D animation and visual effects. Some of the movies that depended hugely on an ultra modern animation technology and complex computer graphics are Jurassic Park, Independence Day, Tomb Raider, Harry Potter, Dhoom, rang De Basanti, Ghajini and Raaz. Many giant companies like Walt Disney, Sony Pictures and Turner Entertainment are also off shoring animation content to India.

This is a clear indication of the kind of growth that is seen for the industry despite the current recession and there is a huge opportunity waiting to be grabbed. And though the biggest consumer of animation still remains the entertainment industry, there is not more beyond it too.

Architects in the construction industry use animation to create a walk through of a new construction to ensure that every aspect is properly planned. Something as basic as the entry and exit points of a shopping mall is designed and planned using 3D animation because any mistake in that cannot be rectified easily after the completion of the project. This is also the case with engineers who give wings to their experimental creations with the help of animation technologies.
The aviation industry uses 3D animation in the simulators used to train pilots. The automobile industry uses 3D animation with other software to see the real time effect of various road conditions on an automobile. Two wheeler manufacturers have developed stimulator machines using 3D animation that gives a prospective buyer the feel of a bike before he can decide on his purchase. Apart form this Animation is also becoming very dependable as with a recent development, 3D animation is now being used in medical science. Today, surgeons can actually practice and understand complicated surgery by first working on a 3D animated surgical procedure before going into the actual operation. The gaming industry too is booming at a very fast pace. Console gaming is currently the largest share holder in the overall revenue of Indian Gaming industry, registering a total revenue of INR 4.1 billion in 2008 which is expected to spiral to INR 9.4 million in 2013.

With animation gaining such tremendous popularity, it is very important one should develop creative orientation, understanding of film making, story telling and visual sense. Clear grasp of concepts in animation is critical, a long side the actual software training. But there is a tendency to neglect these. Specialization is also now being more and more required by top companies. It is also advisable to do such courses from premium institutes which deliver quality products and services and can eventually offer their students a lucrative and exciting career.

To get into the field of animation, a person should complete 10 + 2 or any other degree and should have the passion for creativity after which there are various short term and long term courses available to suit an individual’s needs.

But that’s not all. The best part is the kind of work a person gets to do after acquiring these skills. There are vacancies in animation studios, gaming studios, visualization and walkthrough units, and also lot of freelance work and work involving small companies which utilize all rounder. Advertising is another booming area where animation is used more and more. There are openings for special effect artists, visual effects artists, creative visualisers and graphic designers. As far as the salaries are concerned, it varies from studio to studio based on the quality of the job. If studio hires a fresher then they provide hands on training on to the project so the salary could start from Rs 10,000, which can easily pocket up to Rs 40,000 per month within two years. As for seniors, the sky is the limit.