Make the boss your mentor


Many new recruits who are highly qualified, sometimes more than the boss, and even for that matter experienced executives joining a new company forget the fact that they have to work with the boss as a team and not try to outsmart him or prove him to be inferior. Such people forget the fact that the management in all normal circumstances supports the boss and the incumbents can be shown the door it they interfere in working or try to put hurdles in the boss’s way.

Therefore it is prudent on the part of the wise guys to very well get along with the boss, seek his guidance and allow him to play the ole of their mentor. This makes the working environment not only congenial but also effective.

When graduates fresh out of the various B-schools join any organization, there is a lot of enthusiasm and drive to prove themselves in the corporate world. They are eager to put into practice what they have learnt.

However, there is a lot, lot more to learn in addition to what one may have already gleaned from books. Real success, after all, will come only after they have proved themselves n the organizations they join

For this to happen, the first step is to learn from the immediate seniors and bosses. Most important of all try to be an asset to your senior rather than being a threat. Be a part of their solution, rather than being a problem to them.

Unfortunately, more often than not, excitement I the root cause of the new managers making their bosses uncomfortable and even leaking out vital information not meant to be hared with others.

Kautilya the ancient Indian great economist says, Just as a serpent, lying in hiding, emits poison at the place from which it expects danger, so this king, having become apprehensive of harm (from you), will long emit the poison of anger at you.

Take care that you and your boss are always working in the same way rather than in conflicting ones. Only then will you be able to grow in your corporate career.

Here are some tips for being an ideal subordinate:

Choose the proper timing

Bosses are always under pressure. Always try to reduce his pressure instead of add into them. You may always want his time, but he may not have that much spare time (even if he wants to) when you really need to talk to him. Hence, whenever you want to tell him something watch his mood. Don’t just rush into his cabin and start talking. Wait for him to give full attention to you. Then come up with your issues.

Be brief and precise

A subordinate went with a recommendation of 25 pages. The boss wanted that to be summarized that in one page. He also said that in case it cannot be done it means that the subordinate has not thought enough. Think through the issue from all angles. And when you do present it to him, make it short and to the point.

Write down the instructions from the boss for your reference later

Instead of going to your boss every now and then, make a note of the small issues. You can go to him either at the start or at the end of the day. You can cover all the issues in one go. That way, your and even his time will be very productive you can have good discussions and he can take effective decisions.

Finally, let’s be very clear on one thing All this is not meant to please the boss, but to become a good subordinate who, in a short period of time, can understand the wavelength of the formers thinking an important aspect to grow in one’s career.

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