Personality and skills

Your personality can determine what career works best for you.

Before you jump into making a career choice, it is important to understand one’s own personality that plays an integral part in deciding on the right career. For instance, if you enjoy baking cakes and savor the aroma of well cooked food, the chances are, you will not be making plans for a career in statistical research. Your personality often determines the longevity of enjoying the career you choose for yourself today.

Studying one’s own self may should simple, but it takes a lot of effort and concentration to get a true reflection one’s own personality traits. But by focusing on certain key areas one arrival at the closest option that goes best with one’s personality.

Identifying your personality type is the first step. Personality type refers to your intrinsic personality that was formed from the time you were born. It essentially revolves around how you think and feel about things. It is your natural self and it differs; some people are very joyous by nature while some are reserved and some get offended very soon. Personality type would mean identifying your basic instincts that formulate your behavior, which is important when it comes to deciding on your career. If you are not a group person, you will not like getting into a job where you are constantly working in teams. Just to give an example.

The next step is to take account of your skill set. There are certain skills that we pick up during our lifetime. So if you have been good with drawing; then perhaps you will find architecture or interior design interesting. Or even fashion design for that matter. If you are good with numbers, then you may take up statistics, accounts, finance or research. Everyone has certain talents and abilities that one can make use of them while deciding accordingly on what career suits one the best.

Your beliefs and values will also impact the choice of your career to a great extent. It could be your approach to honesty, money, people and such. Many work for money, many for satisfaction, many out of compulsion, many just think about themselves and many work for social good. Your beliefs and principles will characterize you and are very likely to change with changing times. However, some values that are intrinsic to you will remain in spite of the changes around.

Get to know what interests you. If its sports you are crazy about then pursue it; today even sports has become a great career opportunity. If you find art interesting, you could get into painting, pottery or installations. If you have both the brains and the determination and patience involved, you may want to become a doctor. If you are technically inclined, then there is engineering and a multitude of other options. Doing what you like doing makes a lot of difference and if it pays as well, nothing like it.

Balanced Learning Habits & Skills: Successful managers learn independently. They take responsibility for the rightness of what they learn, rather than passively depending on an authority figure of expert. Successful managers can think abstractly as well as concretely. The relative concrete ideas to attract one (and vice versa) rather quickly. This ability, sometimes known as a helicopter mind enables them to generate theories to develop their own practical ideas.

There are many psychometric tests that help you identify your personality type. These tests that help you understand yourself and also the viewpoint of the other. Once you have discovered the way you are, you can instinctively connect with career options that gel with your personality, instead of following the herd and regretting it in future.