To handle rumors….

“Did you see how he was shaking hands with her? I bet they have something on ‘or’ I think he is about to quit”. Well, these kinds of rumors are bound to spread like wild fire and get marinated along the way. And you are likely to enjoy them and pass them along with the half hearted statutory warning, “do not tell anyone, but I heard …”. The problem starts when you realize that you are the butt of these rumors. So guys if you find yourself in a similar situation, here is what to do:

The best thing to do is to make light of the rumor when you hear it. Crack a joke and tongues won’t wag as much. Remember, if you start defending yourself, people are going to think that the rumor is true and that is why you are fighting your case. So joke and laugh about it.

Try a bit of reverse psychology. When you hear the rumor play along and say that it is actually true, believe it or not, you will dampen a lot of spirits, simply because people expect you to defend yourself. Just make sure that you do not look serious when you are doing it. Spin stories ground the rumors that seem extremely far-fetched. For instance, if your colleague says, “I heard you’re having a romance with the boss” just flutter your eyelashes and say “Of course I am”. In fact we go out for dinner every single day and he messages me every 10 minutes. He just sent me a message asking your place or mine. Just make sure you are animated and theatrical when saying all of this so that people do not take you seriously and are able to laugh along with you.

You probably won’t be able to pull off the above two tips. We suggest you just be honest and come out clean. Tell them that nothing of the sort exists and that the rumor is news to you too. Look and sound sincere but do not get agitated if your colleagues start taking your case.

It is no hidden secret that eavesdropping has been existent in the workplaces for ages. However, experts say that during trying times, like the current slow down, there is a considerable increase in eavesdropping among employees, as fears of lay-offs and corporate restructuring have made employees more attentive to what’s going on around them. And experts point out that this has led to rumors being spread at the workplace.

So how does one differentiate between what is true and what is not? How do employees ‘protect’ themselves from the gruesome world of rumors at the workplace that hamper their productivity and make them feel insecure? Though you can’t avoid the daily headlines of economic recession and job cuts, you can certainly stop them from having an impact on you and your job. Rumors generally create a negative atmosphere of distrust and suspicion. The best way to remain out of this atmosphere is to be more energetic creative and thoughtful.

A team lead in a BPO was quite disturbed by the rumors and unrest in her office and realized that she would not allow herself to be de-motivated by them. To escape from the rough terrain of the situation, she resorted to fifteen minutes of meditation. Also, at times like these, we realized that skill up-gradation would only help in enhancing performance but also help the team to be motivated to work.

To handle rumors, the basic requirement an employee needs to have is to understand the situation at the workplace and to be well versed with the facts. Employees need to be well versed with the facts. The better the knowledge of facts, lesser will be the instances of such rumors being spread.

You could just turn your back on the rumor. Let people say what they want to, you just walk away. Don’t give in and don’t give out. Not even a reaction. Your silence will speak louder than words.