Good dressing conveys a truly positive image

If you want others to consider you as a thorough professional, you must dress the part too. Your wardrobe should reflect your professional attitude and not the lack of it. Nowadays, dress codes across offices have been relaxed and professionals too have become more experimental with their wardrobe.

You can’t have a rejection sent to you just because your appearance wasn’t right. In today’s corporate world, you need to present yourself really well if you wish to stand out at the first glance. Good dressing and grooming speaks volumes about your personality, aspirations and confidence levels and conveys a truly positive image. So, here some tips to help you impress your interviewer:

Your make up should be subtle, such that it instills confidence in you. Remember – less is more. Apply it in such a manner that it complements your skin tone. Shades of peach, beige, rust and wine pink go with all types of skin and do not look loud.

A tired looking face will project disinterest. Use a quality skin cream to hide spots and dark circles.

Make sure you maintain personal hygiene. Girls if you are wearing skirts or tops that expose arms, then get your legs and hands waxed. Guys a smooth shave is in order, no matter how you hate the task.

Closeted rooms and cubicles detect smells easily. And, body odor is a real put off. Use a good deodorant or a mild perfume. Avoid perfumes with an overbearing scent or strong floral fragrances.

Wear comfortable shoes and make sure they are clean and well polished. Remember, the right shoes will give you that complete look. Girls though it’s monsoon, don’t wear flip-flops to an interview.

Choose clothes that are wrinkle free. If you choose to wear cotton clothes, make sure they are not crushed when you arrive at the interview. Accessorize yourself appropriately. Be subtle and smart and don’t overdo it. Ideally, wear studs in your ears and not danglers. A smart bracelet in hand looks chic instead of an overload of bangles. Keep in mind that you are going for an interview and not party.

Black always adds a formal professional touch, use it in your attire – either a black trouser, a black skirt or may be a black jacket.

If your clothes are too loose or tight, please avoid wearing them to work. No one wants to see your bulge neither do they want to see clothes hanging on you as if you were a skeleton. So, stay away from those baggy jeans, tight skirts, etc at office. Make sure that you always sport well fitting clothes that look good, make you feel comfortable all day long and most important look like they are you size.

Transparent clothes will make you as well as your colleagues feel awkward in office. So, make sure that your lingerie doesn’t show through your clothing. Likewise, avoid wearing light colored clothes in the monsoons as they can cause unintended exposure.

Jingling anklets and clanging bangles are best suited for festive occasions. Most corporate offices don’t prefer their men/ women wearing too much jewelry to work. Even if you decide to wear something flashy sometime make sure that the rest of your attire is simple and muted.

Loud colors are not only distracting but can also make your wardrobe look cheap. Stay away from colors like fuchsia, orange, bright purple, yellow, fluorescents. They might be great for a week end but not to work. Stock up blacks, grey, blues, pastels, tans, greens, baby pinks, mauves in your wardrobe as they look classy and can be most suitable across occasions. Also avoid experimenting with colors on important client meets, boardroom meetings and other formal events.

If you can see your cleavage when you look down others can see it too. Showing off your assets at work can harm your reputation as well as generate wrong vibes. Moreover, your women colleagues might start detesting you or trying to attract the attention of the opposite sex through unfair means.

Loads of eye make up, gaudy lipstick, bright eye shadow can ruin your corporate image. Keep your make up to a minimal so that you don’t look caked. Also, take care to refresh your makeup at regular intervals if you do sport heavy makeup. Use waterproof cosmetics so that your makeup stays even when you perspire or step out in the rains.