Managing the bullies at the new work place

Making and accepting change is not everyone’s cup of tea. And on top of it, if there are bullies around, the change can prove to be tough one. Ragging new comers is not popular in colleges, but also in offices. It is understated and done in such a way that the victim feels extremely helpless and vulnerable.

New comers usually find themselves neck deep in work. Their bosses don’t load them with as much work as their seniors and colleagues do. If this is the case with you at your new workplace, here are some tips to tackle the mischief-makers:

Fire from your boss’ shoulder: Approach your boss and start a conversation. Then very smartly slip in that you have no breathing space left because of all the work you have from others. A wise boss will call in the trouble makers and set them straight.

Refuse politely: If your colleagues still don’t get their act together and continue to pass on unwanted jobs to you, learn to say no. Keep a long to-do list in front of you and whenever anyone comes to you with unwanted work, just show him or her how much you have on your plate already. And if the jobs extend to getting a cup of tea or photo copying or filling water and so on, say no without any diplomacy.

If you think that refusing straight away might spoil your choices to blend in with the team use delaying tactics. Say ‘I’ll come to you once my work is done or can I ask boss which job is on priority’? Dawdle at your desk till day end and then rush off saying you have an appointment to keep.

If the bullies still don’t get the message, confront them. Docile people don’t last long in such teams. Be assertive and the next time someone comes to give you work that’s not meant for you, ask him or her to stop it straight away. Tell him / her that you get regular work from the boss and don’t mind helping out if asked and if you have the time. Also drop in a hint that if the bullying doesn’t stop you’ll have to approach the HR with a written complaint.

When you sort out the ‘new comer’ problems it is time for you to be efficient and popular at work. Who wouldn’t like to be popular at work? After all, it feels good when almost everyone in a firm has something nice to say about you. However, it takes some effort to develop that kind of reputation. In case you too want to be Mr/Miss Congeniality at your workplace, here are tips to do as:

A smiling person is always more popular than a frowning one. It won’t hurt you to say ‘hi’ to your colleagues or to workers from other departments. Doing this doesn’t even involve any extra time or money. Adopt this practice for a month and see how people warm up to you.

It helps you take out some time to do something special for your colleagues or someone whom you have worked closely with. A simple thing like ordering a cake for your colleague’s birthday or planning a team picnic is sure to make you a favorite. People like individuals who do something for the happiness of others.

Whenever you’re assigning work to someone o to some other department, try to consider their constraints. If you can afford do it. People don’t like individuals who behave selfishly and are only concerned about getting their work done. We are not telling you to lackadaisical about your job, but to be little empathetic.

Most people hate or distrust individuals who play politics at workplace. Playing politics can range from bitching about colleagues or trying to grab power in your hands. Rather, focus your energies on working productively and spreading positive vibes across your department. This will get you a lot of love and respect.

Don’t forget to share credit with others as and when it’s due, especially if you are in a managerial position. Acknowledge efforts howsoever small they may be. This will endear you to a lot of people. Talk respectfully with people, especially with those who work in lower positions like the receptionist / house keeping staff etc.