If possible for others it is possible for you

Once again, the point is if it is possible for others in the world, it is possible for you. It is not a matter if whether you can produce the results that another person produces; it’s a matter of strategy that is, how does that person produce the results? If someone is a terrific speller, there is a way to model him so you can be, too, in a matter of four or five minutes. If someone you know communicates perfectly with his kid, you can do the same thing. If someone finds it easy to wake up in the morning quickly, so can you. Simply model how other people direct their nervous systems. Obviously some tasks are more complex than others and may take more time to model and then duplicate. However, if you have enough desire and the belief that will support you while continuing to adjust and change, virtually anything any human being does can be modeled. In many cases, a person may have spent years of trial and error to find the specific way to use his body or mind to produce a result. But you can step in, model the actions that took years to perfect, and produce similar results in a matter of moments months or at least in a lot less time than it took the person whose results you desire so to duplicate.

The two men primarily responsible for NLP are John Grinder and Richard Bandler. Grinder is a linguist, one of the most prominent in the world. Bandler is a mathematician, Gestalt therapist, and computer expert. The two men decided to pool their talents for a unique task to go out and model the people who were the very best at whatever they did. They looked for people who were most effective at creating the one thing they felt most human beings wanted change. They looked at successful businessmen successful therapists, and others in order to distill the lessons and patterns those people had discovered through years of trial and error.

Bandler and Grinder are best known for a number of effective behavioral intervention patterns that they codified in the modeling of Dr Milton Erikson, one of the greatest hypno-therapists that ever lived; Virginia Satir, an extraordinary family therapist; and Gregory Bateson, an anthropologist. The two discovered, for example, how Satir was able to consistently produce relationship resolution where other therapists had failed. They discovered what patterns of actions she produced to create results. And they taught these patterns to their students, who were then able to apply them and to produce the same quality of results, even though they did not have the noted therapist’s years of experience. They sowed the same seeds, so they reaped the same rewards. Working with the fundamental patterns they modeled from these three masters, Bandler and Grinder began to create their own patterns and to teach tem as well. These patterns are commonly known as Neuro-Linguistic Programming – NLP.

These two geniuses did much more than provide us with a series of powerful and effective patterns for creating change. More important, they provided us with a systematic view of how to duplicate any form of human excellence in a very short period of time.

Their success is legendary. However, even with the tools available, many people simply learned the patterns for creating emotional and behavioral change and never had the personal power to use them in an effective and congruent way. Once again, having the knowledge is not enough. Action is what produces results.