Movers and Shakers of the World

The movers and shakers of the world are often professional modelers – people who have mastered the art of learning everything they can by following other people’s experience rather than their own. They know how to save the one commodity none of them ever get enough of time. In fact, if you look at The New York Times bestseller list, you’ll find that most of the books at the top of the list contain models on how to do something more effectively. Peter Drucker’s latest book is Innovation and Entrepreneurship. In it, Mr Drucker outlines, the specific actions one must take to be an effective entrepreneur and innovator. He makes it explicitly clear that innovation is a, very special and deliberate process. There is nothing mysterious or magical about being an entrepreneur. It’s discipline that can be learned. He is looked to as founder of modern business practices because of his modeling skills. The One Minute Manager (Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson) is a model for human communication and simple and effective management of any human relationship. It was put together by modeling some of the most effective managers in the country. In Search of Excellence (Thomas J Peters and Robert H Waterman, Jr) is obviously a book that provides a model of successful corporations in America, Bridge Across Forever (Richard Bach) provides another viewpoint, a new model of how to look at relationships. The list goes on and on. This book, too, is filled with a whole series of models on how to direct your mind, your body, and your communication with orders in a way that will produce outstanding results for everyone involved. However, the goal for you is to not only learn these patterns of success, but also go beyond them by creating your own models.

You can teach a dog patterns that will improve its behavior. You can do the same thing with people. But what you learn is a process, a framework, a discipline that will allow you to duplicate excellence wherever you find. Though you must learn some of the most effective patterns of NLP but become more than just an NLPer. You become a modeler. Some one who seizes excellence and makes it your own. Someone in constant pursuit of Optimum Performance technologies, so you are not stuck, committed to any one series of systems or patterns, but instead consistently looking for new and effective ways to produce the results you desire.

To model excellence, you should become a detective, an investigator, someone who asks lots of questions and tracks down all the clues to what produces excellence.

Even the best pistol marksmen in the US Army can be taught to shoot better by finding out the precise patterns of excellence in pistol shooting. Mr.K learned the skills of a karate master by observing what they think and do. K improved the performance of both professional and Olympic athletes. The coach did it by finding a way to precisely model what these mean did when they produced their greatest results and then showing them how they could trigger those performance on cue.

Building from the successes of others is one of the fundamental aspects of most learning. In the world of technology, every advance in engineering or computer design follows naturally from earlier discoveries and break thoughts. In the business world, companies that don’t learn from the past, that don’t operate with state of the art information are doomed.

But the world of human behavior is one of the few areas that continue to operate from outmoded theories and information. Many of us are still using a nineteenth century model of how the brain works and how we behave. We put a label called depression on something, and guess what? We are depressed. The truth is, those terms can be self fulfilling prophecies. Books can also teach a technology that is readily available, a technology that can be used to create the quality of life you desire.