Even during slowdown there are jobs of growth

Personal success of business leaders can be attributed directly to the story they tell.

Even during a slowdown, there are some jobs that continue to provide challenge and growth. Here is a look at some viable career options:

The buzz in the business world, in the past few months, has been of lay offs freeze on recruitment and limited opportunities. However, India Inc., is not all bad news. There are still sectors that are recruiting and jobs that look promising. Here’s a list of ten jobs that experts say are “recession proof”

Coach / Mentor: Personal success for most business leaders can be attributed directly to the story they tell themselves, their awareness of their strengths and opportunities, awareness of their thoughts and filters that affect the way they perceive life around them and themselves. A coach mentor is one who enables business leaders get to their highest potential, and can be considered a dream job at the appropriate level.

Government Jobs are undoubtedly the most secure and safe jobs in time of recession. As there is a job guarantee, no matter how hard you try to get fired, you are stuck to the same job till your retirement age, which in most cases in 60 years.

A Customer service professional is the customer interface of the organization, who also addresses the customer pain-points. He is required to be an effective communicator with a lot of patience and a creative insight to provide innovative solutions. He needs to maintain critical information flow while communicating and building the right Brand Image of the company. Needless to mention leadership at all levels assumes a greater than life role as they need to keep communicating the right perspective their teams, which invariably gets translated to effective and quality services in our customers.

Professionals in Telecom sector:

It’s the fastest growing industry in India right now with services like 3G and number portability being launched. A recent study stated that India will have 500 mn mobile subscribers by 2012. Every month there are almost 1 million subscribers being added which in turn results in increase in jobs.

Professionals in Legal Process Outsourcing / Legal Consulting:

Apart from lawyers, the LPO sector had been employing engineers and doctors. Also, the scope of exposure of an employee is not restricted to a particular vertical, consequently an employee experience exposure across the breadth of different verticals.

Catalyst of global Business:

We do not refer to a specific job, but a variety of jobs that facilitate act as a catalyst to enable global way of doing business. Global business is the name of the game and whoever can contribute and facilitate the effectiveness of this reality is on the leading edge.

Education sector: Considered the most respected profession globally, it gives the satisfaction of churning out future heads of state as well as corporate honchos. The best option during recession also because at this time, number of people go back to colleges to get further education and additional professional qualification.

HR experts say that the recession is only a temporary tide. Recession proofing will help companies focus on nurturing and growing talent, resource optimization and enhancing quality and productivity. Employees would benefit by focusing on producing good work and multi-disciplinary skills, so as to make him/her stand above the rest, during such times. But there are things one should avoid at the workplace that might hinder the recession proofing process. They are: (1) don’t be fearful about losing your job, (2) don’t spread uncertainty or fuel rumors, (3) don’t be a job hopper and (4) don’t downplay/pull down your colleagues.