Acquiring practical skills during college

In today’s competitive arena, theoretical knowledge isn’t sufficient. One needs practical skills as well and that’s what festivals offer. Articulates one Mr.M, ‘I have always been interested in marketing; participating in festivals has taught me skills like conceptualizing events, preparing effective presentations and pitching ideas to sponsors ad in the media. It has taught me to present myself in the best way possible and has prepared me for the corporate world’.

The biggest benefit of participation for most students is that it gives them an opportunity to shed their inhibitions. A graduate from Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics, who actively participated in Umang and other festivals reminisces, Stepping out of academics onto the pulsating festival scene exposed me to a whole new world. It helped him to get out of his shell and made him a lot more confident. He could realize his strengths and weaknesses as a person and began working on them.

Another benefit of participating in college fests either as a contestant or a member of the organizing committee, is that it gives your CV the much boost in the cut throat, competitive arena. Take the case of Ms AA a final year student at National Law school India and an active participant in college fests, who got selected over students with better grades only because of her participation in these fests. There were many people who had better grades than her but she got selected because she brought to the table the hands on experience acquired through participation, besides academics. In fact, during one of her interviews the recruiter seemed more interested in knowing about the events she had participated in rather than the academic knowledge she had acquired during her college years. Active involvement in college festivals helps improve one’s communication and people skills, which enables students to interact better and create a better impression. This eventually helps them during placements.

However, participating in festivals is not always as easy as it may seem, some students do have their reservations. Family pressure is one of the issues holding back some students. Sometimes parents feel that participating in festivals will take the focus away from studies. They fear that their child may be lured in to the wrong side of college life. Festivals are not cake walk and require commitment like staying back till late in the night.

However, such concerns can be easily overcome. One earnest step into the festival scene is enough to erase any doubts plaguing students. Perhaps, GPA may be higher if one devoted all his or her time to studies, but participating in festivals can help them make their college experience invaluable by interacting with various people and managing different tasks while still maintaining a category one GPA. Besides most college festivals are held either before or after the exam period, so students need not worry about managing their academics.

The festival scene is huge and practically every college has its own celebration. In sharing their experiences about fests, collegians revealed a treasure trove of memories built upon them. For some, it was a brush with a celebrity, while for others it was simply being part of the electric atmosphere gripping the college.

For certain courses like engineering or Botanical Science courses the students can take initiative with the help of concerned faculty to organize visits to reputed Industries or Botanical gardens so that all the students can get some instant knowledge of the subject and has a better perspective of the subject when they go back to their class rooms and attend the lectures of the faculty. The students who are organizing the visits under the guidance of the faculty can acquire planning, organizing and scheduling skills during the process.