Benefits of college festivals

Once set in college campus you are involved with canteen, teachers, lectures, friends, foes, et al. However come August and this fun quotient is going to shoot up since colleges around the country will be brimming with the excitement of organizing their annual fests. Malhar, Umang, Kaleidoscope and Mood Indigo are just of the festivals that are slated to start soon.

Most collegians swear by the fact that college is incomplete without the quintessential annual festival. Mumbai graduate who participated in several college festivals and also gave inputs for Kshitiji, the annual festival at Mithibai, College experience is incomplete without participation in the annual fests. Participating in various college fests was such fun that students feel a vacuum in their lives the day they would end. As an organizer or even a participant, you get to witness the best of both worlds and experience the gamut of challenges and benefits that festivals bring.

There are various items to partake in the merriment. You can participate in the festivals of other colleges as well as help organize your in-house fest. So, how does one go about participating? Different colleges have different means of getting students involved from making announcements at student orientation programs, to putting up billboard notices or simply making announcements in classes. Some even make it mandatory for first year students. However, if you haven’t come across any of these and are keen on giving name for participation, approaching the student council, college office or a similar student body should be your best bet. A third year B Com student at Mumbai, which is actively involved with Brouhaha, the college’s annual fest, If you are not sure of how to participate just ask with the staff members or your seniors. The students committee is often only too happy to have new people. Besides, if you are unsure of what activity to give your name for, the council members can even help you decide where you fit in. When it comes to major events there is always something for everyone.

For those still wondering why participation is such a big deal, there are reasons aplenty. For one, the variety of skills that one picks up through participation is huge. Mood Indigo, the cultural fest of IIT- Bombay where the student head is holding the same post that Nandan Nilekani held about 39 years ago. It has been a dream come true and he has learnt a lot by taking part in this festival. He got the opportunity to interact with seniors, juniors, and people from other colleges as well as professionals. This year, he also interviewed several people while building his core team. The experience has polished his people management and leadership skills. He also learnt how to tackle different people, when to put foot down, stand by some tough decisions and handle the appreciation as well as the criticism that come with it.

Access to a variety of people also provides networking platforms to collegians. A third year computer science student at IIT Bombay, who is actively involved in Mood Indigo and other college festivals discloses, ‘I have developed several contacts in the media and marketing fraternity, that will give me a head start in my career, while working in the media and marketing department of Mood Indigo’.

A PhD at Delhi University, recalls, ‘I was involved in various clubs and societies during my time at St Stephen’s and Hindu College. We even organized the college fest and edited the college magazine. Such activities were of immense help in nurturing our leadership skills at the tender age. She adds that the experience also taught her how one’s education can go beyond the classroom. It gave me the chance to use my time in college productively – designing posters, rallying support, etc. I also learnt about time management and sticking to deadlines besides becoming more confident as well’.