Technology – A booster to our work life

Can technology help attain work life balance? Here’s a look at how organizations and technology can help employees in setting the right balance.

Recently, a survey by Kelly Services Pvt Ltd revealed that more than 90 percent of approximately 5000 Indian respondents say that technology such as mobile communications, smart phones and laptops has boosted personal productivity and, for many, have transformed their work life balance. Many employees now have the capacity to work from home or away from the office, at any hour of the day. This is proving positive for productivity and work life balance. Even though some are working long hours, this is largely offset by the greater freedom and flexibility of the virtual workplace.

One of the reasons why employers show interest in ensuring work life balance for employees is greater productivity. Employers who use technology to enhance working arrangements are also likely to reap productivity benefits and to be seen as employers of their choice.

The survey by Kelly Services revealed that Generally X are the most attracted to the idea of telecommuting, working from, home and working remotely. Increase travel time in metros, puts a strain on your time at work and also compromises your work life balance. Technology has transformed travel time into a productive period. For example technology such as the Blackberry allows colleagues to read and respond to their emails during travel, have conference calls, delegate work and follow up on requests as also to stay updated about workplace when out for a meeting.

These days, working from home is another common trend that allows employees to meet both personal and professional commitments. It provides flexible options to new mothers who may like to work from home while on maternity leave, or work part time from home attending office only a couple of days a week.

Over the years, technology has facilitated work life balance also by rapidly transforming workplaces. Technology has created a more conducive work environment, bridging the gap between different locations and time zones and making information flow seamless within an organization. With broadband connectivity and remote access, Barclays colleagues can work from any of the offices and branches.

The added benefits of IT in delivering information at the doorstep, with our Blackberry, laptop, cell phone and pager, are better connected to information and people than ever before. Staff colleagues family and long lost friends can reach the organization work place instantly and are never more than a heartbeat away from the information they need. The Internet gives 24 / 7 global access.

Change and innovation are becoming a way of life for most people. Technology is part of our daily lives, changing the way we cook, communicate, use media and work. Even the language is changing; terms that until recently were not even a part of our lexicon such as fax, microwave, VCR and PC have become commonplace. New terms continue to emerge as new products are introduced or improved – always with the anticipation that there will be a newer, faster, and better innovation on the market any day. Social changes are also reflected in our vocabularies. Words like single parent family, telecommuting, house husband and domestic partner all represent changes in our society. Words are the bugles of social change. When our language changes behavior will not be far behind.

Using Technology correctly:

To avail of the innumerable benefits of technology in balancing work and home, a person must limit the extent to which it allows technology to affect his life. Here we are giving a few tips on using technology wisely.

Technology used in the right way and with self discipline can significantly help you in maintaining work life balance and reduce stress levels.