Recognition is the identification

Recognition is the identification or acknowledgement given for something.

It is always a great feeling when you are recognized for your efforts. But does it also give you a sense of being valued? HR managers point out that employee productivity can be enhanced when they are valued while also being recognized at the same time.

It has been long understood that to make an organization successful, there has to be a happy and motivated workforce working towards the same goal. And most organizations put in a lot of effort in making their employees feel recognized and valued. But though recognition programs do award good work, at times many employees are left feeling devalued.

In a survey done Valuing vs. Recognizing Employees’, it was revealed that there is a difference between recognizing and valuing employees. The survey reveals that organizations are especially weak in creating an environment where employees truly feel valued. The survey also points out that employees feel recognition, who they are.

Recognition is the identification or acknowledgement of something. When we value employees, we appreciate them for who they are and what they bring to the organization. We acknowledge them not merely for tasks, but for the deeper intrinsic worth they add to the organization, by just being there. By valuing a person it directly impacts their engagements levels. Valuing others isn’t a leadership thing, it’s a people thing that the majority of us cherish the most. If you think back to a moment in your life when you felt special and appreciated, it’s most likely a time when you were being valued in some way.

A lot more than recognizing:

At LG electronics, the difference between recognizing and valuing is more than a difference in semantics; it’s a difference in experience. When we recognize employees, we acknowledge their good work and thus, in the process inform them that we appreciate their efforts. Valuing an employee is a process of letting him or her know that the organization is glad about his / her presence in the team and takes pride for the same. In the process, we inform the employee that things wouldn’t have been the same without him / her. Recognizing an individual can be related to successfully completing a project. It’s a spirit of zeal and accomplished endeavor.

Marlabs focuses on helping employees achieve personal and professional growth. They ensure that the success or achievement of every employee is acknowledged, hence making him / her realizes that their hard work has not gone unnoticed. Such performance in many cases is brought about by the freedom the organization provides them to put their skills into use.

Valuing employees is more than just recognition. The kind of policies you follow for employee benefits reflects how much you value your workforce.

Becoming a valuable asset:

So what is that an employee can do in order to become a valuable asset to the organization and feel valued by them too? We feel that our people can become valuable assets to the company by aligning themselves with and by embracing our core values that are fundamental to our organizational DNA. Further, people can reaffirm their value everyday, by going beyond the expected to amaze our clients, taking risks practicing openness and finding opportunities.

There is a need to hone one’s skills and be well equipped with multi-competencies, especially in today’s market scenario. No doubt an employee is delegated with certain tasks as per his / her designation but the need of the hour is to make the best use of every individual’s capabilities.

Organizations are going out of their way to make sure their employees feel valued at the same time as they are getting recognition. But, even employees need to make efforts towards proving that they are working towards adding more value to their respective organizations and are hence becoming valuable to the organization.