Get back to work

We have all given in to the temptation of checking our Facebook or Orkut accounts in office. Very often you think it will just be 5 minutes but then you start following a friends post on YouTube or viewing someone’s holiday photos. When you check your watch, you realize that a good that half-an-hour has just flown by. Everyone needs an occasional break from work. But that does not mean that you let your quick coffee break run into a gossip session in the cafeteria. Here are some tips to get out of the distractions and get back to work.

If you know there is a particular website you are tempted to visit often block it. If you aren’t expecting any important calls, keep your phone on silent mode so you don’t have to leave work to answer it. Allot a fixed time to check emails. If the atmosphere gets noisy around you, use headphones with non-distracting music on. Incidentally, self help gurus term these tactics as fire walking your attention.

A great way to stay focused is to put up a To-Do List. Once you have set your target for the day in writing, you are more likely to reach it. Make sure you put this list at a place where it is prominently visible so it serves as a constant reminder. It is also a good idea to set a goal for your self. For instance, if you have promised yourself that on the completion of a tough project you are going to give yourself a vacation, put up a picture to remind you of that.

You are most likely to give in to distraction if you are tired or bored of your job. Give yourself a small break to energize yourself. Figure out what stimulant works best for you. It could be light stretches and exercise, meditation, a brief chat with a colleague, splashing water on your face or even caffeine. Take your favorite break but set a time limit so that it doesn’t become a distraction.

If you feel that you cannot focus on the matter at hand, give yourself break by tackling routine tasks. This could be something as simple as filling out daily reports, backing up data or selling your targets for the next day. This way you’ll give yourself a mental break and won’t feel guilty about wasting time.

What one needs is a commitment to one’s work. We all face distractions in our daily life, the important thing is to recognize the source and devise strategies to overcome them. Breaks are essential but don’t let the break activities draw you in. Bear in mind that the purpose of your break is to re-charge your self, else you’ll find yourself wondering where you wasted that hour, that day in your life.

The above like ‘lack of focus or commitment’ mostly applies to freshers or individuals at junior level. In fact after putting on about two years the employee picks up the skill of organizing work and achieving the targets. Now a days performance appraisal is done for all levels and at junior levels if they fail to achieve the targets they may have to even lose their jobs. Some large organizations ask their employees about their contribution during the past one year. In this regards they are asked to give a detailed presentation in front of immediate superior, next superior and even the division head. If proper figures are not presented the management may even think of extending probation and tell the employee that this may be his last chance to prove him self.