ASME Online and Computer careers

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) is a not for profit professional organization that promotes the art, science and practice of mechanical and multi-disciplinary engineering and allied sciences. Founded in 1880, the society aims to help the global engineering community develop solutions to real old challenges.

This September the society will launch its India online campus, which will cater to both students and professionals. An ASME fellow and professor, department of mechanical engineering, Indian institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, explains that ASME hopes to bridge the gap between academic curricula and industry needs. Our approach is two fold: First to train engineers who are currently in an academic setting by proving them with the essential grounding on technical and industry focused topics. And second, to train employed engineers on relevant topics so that they can readily apply this training to their daily work.

The initial course portfolio, has been selected after months of discussion with both academic and industry partners and provides a balance between technical and management skills. As far as technical partnerships are concerned the society has active student sections at IIT-Roorkee, IIT-Kharagpur, BITS-Pilani–Goa, VIT Vellore, Crescent and PSG Coimbatore, to name a few. More than 500 of ASME’s student sections involve about 27,000 college and university students across the world. Supporting programs include scholarships, financial assistance and sponsorship of design contests and so on.

Delivering training through the India e-Learning campus will increase opportunities to access training for both professionals and students across the country. They can also engage in online conversation with the instructor and their peers within the various industry sectors. The six week online courses include weekly materials, online discussion boards, quizzes and so on. At the end of the course, each participant must clear an examination before receiving the ASME certificate of completion. The training adheres to the ANSI Standard of the International Association of Continuing Education and Training.

One of the society’s major areas of concern is early awareness. It works towards creating a higher understanding of science, technology, engineering and maths, to inspire students early in life to embark on careers in engineering and other technical fields.

With the growth of global energy demands, transportation needs, biomedical and other emerging technologies future engineers will be in demand. So, it is important to make youngsters realize that engineering is a fun and exciting profession that has far reaching benefits for human kind.

In the present scenario, the demand for competent computer professionals is ever rising. Here are some of the lines you could opt for within the computer field:

Hardware: There are ample job opportunities in hardware and networking sector for hardware professionals all over India. Good jobs in hardware and networking are offered by the hardware manufacturing companies, system design companies, software companies, call centers, telecom companies, BPO companies and hardware repair shops. Hardware jobs available according to skill and qualification of the candidate. The candidates holding the degree in hardware engineering are in high demand in several companies. Hardware diploma engineers and techniques get employed according to their skill and qualification. Hardware and networking professionals can also start their own business ventures in the form of maintenance and assembling.

Software: the work assigned to computer software engineers evolves very fast. It reflects the changes in technology as well as the increase of new specialization which keep cropping up in this field along with the preferences and practices of employers. Principles and knowledge of computer science, engineering and mathematical analysis are employed by computer software engineers for designing, developing, testing, and evaluating the software and the systems that computers use to carry out various applications. Computer applications software engineers are engaged in analyzing user needs as well as designing, constructing and maintaining computer application software and specialized utility.

Animation: Even though India is a late entrant in the global animation scene, the demand for its production services is growing at a fast pace. And with local animation design studios gradually establishing their credentials overseas, animation production outsourcing to India in poised to boom, believe experts. The animation studios are catering to the requirements of segments such as feature films, television programs, advertisements and computer games.