Ex-army men add to training for working professionals

An increasing number of organizations, these days, are opting for training sessions conducted by ex-army officers to make their employees more disciplined and committed towards their careers

Most people believe that the kind of discipline and approach that defense personnel have is way ahead from normal civilians. They have seen and lived life, amidst the most difficult situations, learnt how to deal with adversities and win any losing battle. They are known for their discipline and mannerisms and also the ability they have of tackling difficult situations. Hence, many corporate houses are now getting ex-army officers on board to train their employees in various aspects these days. This trend is fast catching up in India Inc, as well.

Talking about the kind of training that corporate houses take from ex-servicemen, there are numerous training modules which include modules on, leadership qualities corporate security, inter personnel and communication skills, the economics and importance of dual and multi-tasking, basic etiquette and behavioral science, time management, overall conduct and behavior within and outside the organization building team work, trust and camaraderie etc. Specialized skills like in the fields of communications, medicine or legal are also being utilized to impart training albeit molded to suit the corporate requirements.

Training programs are customized as per client requirement. Apart from the mandatory training of six days in the training academy, four days of on the job training is given as per the requirement of the client, when we talk of security training. From the HR perspective, they have imparted training in self defense, wherein the importance is more on the character strength as well as mental strength.

So, what is it that ex-army men add to training for working professionals and why are so many organizations opting for, such training? Performance and behavior of the employees, improvement in terms of time management discipline, effectiveness and efficiency in achieving end results and over all growth of the company is what ex-army men bring along in their training.

Defense officers bring with them a rich experience that is shaped by their stint in the forces; they are disciplined methodical follow the book, are egalitarian in general and their involvement in training employee gives immense dividends.

Basically, their outlook towards life is very positive considering the tough environment in which they operate, and through thus, they are able to impart some very relevant messages to employees in a corporate environment.

Moreover, the sense of discipline, and the spirit of can do, will do has a very positive effect on others. Finally, they are able to create excellent outbound activities aimed at fostering team building and leadership development in any group that they work with.

A consultant with Amplus shares her experience of undergoing training by army men and says, Army officers have always left an impression in my mind, of being true Indians who are sincere, both with their life and work. With their great experience and learning during wars, they try to impart those qualities within you using different procedures and methodologies. They have their own justified set of rules and regulations sometimes they are harsh, they make you work harder, but one when you are broken down with physical struggle, they are the real motivators and will rebuild you from the ground.

The kind of training these defense personnel conduct are very comprehensive and help an individual hone his/her professional skills, but also his/her personal skills. So, what are the minute aspects of an employee’s behavior that these trainings try to highlight and how do they help them? An individual’s presence of mind, communicated skills, ability to accept new tasks, ability to research and derive inferences, quick thinking and negotiating are what we focus on. These trainings, especially the modules including solving a murder mystery allow team members to find clues, derive inferences, communicate with peers, superiors negotiate and arrive at a target. In war situations, team playing is emphasized along with peer motivation and leadership.

With increasing pressure and expectations at the workplace, these trainings imparted by ex-defense personnel are certainly proving to be a boon for Indian corporate houses with their employees becoming more disciplined and committed to what they are doing.

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