Home buying

You can’t always get everything you want. That holds true in home buying too. Almost always you will have to compromise on certain factors, unless you have all the money in the world and do not find shelling it out on your dream house a tough task. Speaking to a few buyers we could find out some of the factors they were willing to compromise on:


Let us say you want a house in Cuffe Parade or Bandra, but so does everyone else. You need to realize that not many properties are mushrooming around that area. You might want to extend your search to locations like Parel or Mahalaxmi. The current realty scape offers homes to suit varying budgets across the city. You just have to do your homework well and look around. Says a media professional who has been actively house hunting since the last six months. He is looking at areas like Kharghar, Thane and Mira Road because he knew he can afford a home there due to his financial capacity limitation. Besides, they are all fast growing locations with a lot of potential.


You really do not need a clubhouse, a gymnasium or a creation center. You might not even use these fancy amenities. Says Mr.B, he doesn’t mind losing out on these amenities as long as he can get basic facilities like a parking space and a garden or a green area.

Room configuration:

So what if you had pictured your dream house with the hall leading into a gallery that led into a bedroom. What difference would it make if the hall led into the bedroom? As long as the house is clean and inviting, you are going to enjoy living in it.

Reputation of the builder:

It is not suggested that you completely ignore the builder’s track record, but that does not mean that you only look at properties built by the top builders. Says a software developer, as long as the quality of construction is good, he is fine with the building.

Says KD when he was looking to buy a house, he saw many garden facing properties. But they were all quite steep. So he gave up on those dreams and purchased a regular flat without a great view. Now he has done up the balcony. It is very green and beautiful almost as good as a garden. You too might want to follow KD’s measures. Both garden facing and sea facing flats come at a premium. You can compromise on that factor and do up your own balcony.

Think twice before rejecting houses that don’t meet your vastu requirements, especially if you have been house hunting for a long time and have not yet found a vastu friendly place. Says PS, a businessman, a long time he had been looking for a vastu friendly place, but could not find one. Then he came across a good deal and just snapped it up even though it did not meet the vastu requirements. It is proved to be a great house.

Make a list of negotiable and non-negotiable items so that you know what factors you are willing to compromise on and what factors just won’t make you budge. That way, you will not be too confused when you go house hunting and will be able to make an informed decision.

‘Vastu’ is a blind belief and many experts claim they are right. But actually there is no concrete proof about how ‘vastu’ is beneficial. It is practical and sensible to buy a house to suit the family’s requirements. This writer have seen and experienced ‘Vastu’ advisors changing their stance when the seller is prepared to pay some underhand money to recommend the house to the buyer once after saying it is not suitable based on stars of the buyer. The madness has gone to the extent even which side the house is facing and Hyderabad is one such city where this superstition is at the peak.