Flexi working is productive working

Several organizations today in a quest to boost employee productivity are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that they are constantly motivated and introducing flexible work policies, is the way forward for them. Experts of India Inc, discuss the many benefits of the need to introduce flexible working hours at the workplace.

A conventional job would usually mean fixed working hours every day with not much flexibility. But now, things are changing in the current workplace scenario. With increasing pressure and competition in the market, it is getting extremely difficult for employers to keep their workforce motivated happy and productivity at all times. Maintaining work life balance has become the need of the hour. Amongst the many practices that organizations have adopted to help their employees face the heat and yet perform better, providing flexible working hours has become the latest rage in India Inc. This provision not only boosts productivity and morale of employees, but also helps employees contribute towards the bottoming of the organization. Also, with most working people stretching themselves beyond normal working hours and putting in extra effort to survive in their jobs, this comes as a huge breather to such employees.

Pramerica Life Insurance informs, has introduced a policy for flexible working since the time it started operations. There should be an understanding between the employee and his/her manager about the arrangement and the employee should be clear about the expectations of his/her manager. Their rationale is that as long as an employee’s productivity does not suffer, they have no issues about the number of hours he/she spends in office. They believe that more than observing work patterns, it is important to evaluate output. Similarly at Steria, they appreciate the need of every employee to balance his/her work and personal life. They believe that it impacts the overall level of motivation, productivity and even influences the engagement levels of the organization. Steria offers its employees the option to have flexibility in its standard working arrangements. These include family reasons, health reasons, and pursuit of academic/professional courses, which require part time working and are relevant to the company. The policy can be in the form of reduction in the standard working hours to a minimum of 4 hours a day or 20 hours a week. However, the option of allowing employees to avail flexi working hours will largely be determined by their needs of a particular role and at all times, the person must have connectivity.

Taking this a step further, Global Logic doesn’t have any attendance system in place. No one in HR processes attendance as we believe in the flexible work schedule. The intent is to facilitate employees to work as per their preferred schedule which allows them to maintain their work life balance. This policy is applicable for all, irrespective of their title or designation.

It is a known fact that this provision has a lot of benefits and that is the reason why more organizations are opting for it. Work life balance strategies are a valuable tool for employee motivation and retention. The IT / ITeS industry has been demanding the work from home option or a long time now with the hope to lower operating costs and attracting more people, including women and the differently abled into the IT workforce. Flexi policies like the work from home model are cost effective and create a wealth of opportunities for employees.

The most tangible benefit of flexi working hours is that it helps employees strike a good work life balance. One third of employees are females, many of whom are married. Some also have young children. There are multiple responsibilities to be managed. This holds true even for males these days given the increasing number of dual income, families. As an employer, it therefore, becomes their responsibility to provide a conducive environment for employees so that they are motivated to perform more efficiently. Also, they have to get realistic. Long hours are wasted in commuting. That extra time spent on the road can be utilized more effectively if traveling distances are removed or reduced. This holds true, irrespective of a recession or a boom.

In all engagement studies, employees rate them very high on this parameter. They really enjoy this benefit as they get an opportunity to strike a balance in their personal and professional life. Flexible work schedule helps people to become more accountable towards their work which results in high productivity as people work with a tension free mind.

The benefits of having the privilege of working flexible hours are manifold and who can better explain those than the employees who have availed it. Striking a perfect work life balance is very challenging for married women and those with children or dependent parents. Playing the dual role of a career women and a care giver tends to become stressful at times. With flexi working hours, one can play, both the professional and personal roles comfortably, And productivity is higher if one is less stressed. The flexi hours policy has been a boon and it is one of the best perks an employer can provide without much costs involved.

Assistant manger – communications, Steria (India) also shares her experience and says, ‘I have been able to strike an ideal balance between work and home. I get the space and time to plan my work and personal life better. Professionally, I have seen my clients, peers and seniors being more satisfied and happy with my performances’.

These testimonials and many such examples go on to prove, that for companies, these days, keeping their workforce motivated and providing them with the best working environment is of utmost importance. Such practices not only boost productivity of employees, but also add to the success of the organization. A complete win-win situation.