Personnel management and general management


Management of an organization in modern economies is not only complex and sophisticated but it is also vital influencing the economic growth of the country .Its efficiency determines the property and well-being of the people of the nation. â€?Perhaps today there is no other latest activity which is as important and dynamic as management—the oldest of arts and newest of professionâ€?. One of the fundamental areas of management is the management of human resources. Thus, “in the management of four Ms— Money, Materials, Machines and Men —- it is needless to belabor the obvious point that, considering the nature of man, the management of men…. Is not only fundamental but also dynamic and challenging.

One of the fundamental tasks of management is to manage human resources, in the service of the economic objectives of the enterprise. Successful management depends not solely, but significantly upon the ability to predict and control human behavior. Among other things, if a company is economically successfully, it means , the management has been able to manage human resources effectively. The human resources are “ the active force of industrialization, and strategies for development should concentrate particularly on their enhancement�.

Management of personnel includes guiding human resources into a dynamic organization that attains its objectives with a high degree of morale and to the satisfaction of those concerned with it. Earnest Dale views management is the process of getting things done through people. In fact it is said that all management is personnel management as it deals with human beings. Although there are different functional areas of management like production management, material management, all these are to be performed by personnel. And, though there is a separate personnel manager, all managers have to manage the personnel of their respective functions/departments to get effective results through and with the people. In addition, line managers are responsible for management of personnel of their respective departments/units. Thus, all executives must unavoidably be personnel managers .In short all managers are personnel managers and all management is essentially personnel management.

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