Motivating employees through fun activities

Companies are increasingly becoming aware of the fact that only a motivated person can do full justice to his / her work. Having a driven work force also acts as key differentiator.

In turbulent times, every organization counts on the performance of its employees for growth and success. Keeping an employee working at full potential is the best way to achieve results. It is the ultimate goal of employee motivation programs.

Fun at work is fast becoming the corporate buzzword, with most companies adopting unique approaches to motivating employees through fun activities. Tavant Technologies, for instance, has instituted a wide range of initiatives to encourage and foster employee motivation at workplace, in addition to rewards and recognition programs such as the Tavant Excellence Awards. A different spot award scheme and Best Interviewer Award was made, they also have many unique Fun at Work Schemes. Their KGB forum conducts various fun activities such as Tavant Premier League (TPL) Pino Pong Wars and online games such as KodeBreak and Pechchaan Kaun. Other means of motivation include mentoring and grooming initiatives such as discussing career paths through programs like 1 UP – Career Development initiative and Individual Development Plan (IDP). The organization encourage work life balance and a flexible leave policy and support an open communication channel through open house sessions, monthly news letter from the CEO, etc. They value good health of their employees through stress management, health camps, parenting, personal counseling, nutrition, yoga, etc. Synergy, a month long sporting event covers various indoor games and out door sports.

On similar lines Aviva Life Insurance takes some key initiatives to motivate employees include fun at work program in which they create a Base Camp – a challenging, fun and organized series of spaces, events, and initiatives. The Base Camp has seven peaks starting from Community Climber Activities for CSR exposure, Financial Climber Activities for providing tax and legal assistance, career climber activities on presentation skills, time management skills, grooming, etc, Fit Climber activities like marathons, cricket tournaments, adventure clubs, Social Climber stage for Kid’s Day, festivals etc, Personal Climber Activities to create a fit mind through life skills workshops, personal counseling sessions and Possibility Climber Activities to create a forums for expression such as My voice portal. They have also launched CEO Awards program, IDEA’s interactive channel for inviting ideas and Talking Talent initiative for identifying building and managing the strong performers.

For many companies motivation programs are built into the system, in everyday practices. The key drivers for motivation in such a case are transparency, stability and wellbeing of employees. ITC Infotech elucidate their approach to employee motivation by first encouraging business practice heads to become completely transparent in their dealings. This ensures of the pyramid get the correct picture about the organization.

For many companies motivation programs are built into the system, in everyday practices.

Opportunity in adversity:

Times of recession act as propelling factors for employees to seek opportunities to upgrade their skill sets in order to add more value to the organization. It has also been noticed candidates who might have lost their jobs are making use of their time to take up higher studies, so that the additional qualification gives them the edge at the recovery stage. A slowdown is a perfect opportunity for employees to demonstrate innovation and commitment to make sure that the company is able to tide over the crisis, This, in fact, is an opportunity to make a lasting impression on management and lay the foundation for career advancement.