Counseling and Coaching

Executive coaching was a phenomenon that was unheard of till a few years ago. Now the trend is slowly catching on in India. The corporates who have been a part of the program swear by it and those who have not are still wary of it. CEO and executive chairman, LKC Group, supports this new form of coaching.

Executive coaching does not teach you a new skill, but taps into own skills while pointing out what you need to accomplish. For example, Gary Kirsten can not tell Sachin Tendulkar how to bat, but he can tell him what changes to make in his battling based on the visible nuances. So, executive coaching is useful in the following ways:

It helps to stretch your potential. For example, when you go to a gym, your trainer has to push you to exceed your maximum fitness potential. It is the last five stretches that are the hardest. Similarly, executive coaching gives you that stimulus and encouragement to give better that your best.

We constantly give positive feedback that helps the individual view his performance objectively. As humans, normally gauge others by their results and ourselves by our intent. Regular feedback and encouragement can do wonders to your self confidence.

This program is not just a pep talk that’ll help you feel good for a bit and then you will slip back into your old mode. It outlines an organized structure that will support you and help you take action.

India has taken over three years to understand the importance of this form of coaching. After all, there is no magic tool that would work for a leader. There are multiple tools. A coaching tool is an important tool that had been missing for a long time. It is a tool by itself, as well as a sharpener. Everyone wants to do well, but they invariably get stuck. That is why you need coaching. The Coach conducts regular follows-ups to keep track of the progress of his clients.

The issues vary depending on the individual. Some want to build on their creativity and leadership capabilities while others want to manage their time better and become effective decision makers. There was a client who wanted to sharpen his time management skills. For him every minute meant money and he said that he ended up canceling or postponing two-three meetings every day. Someone else wanted to coach a company employee to see whether he could take over a certain business, without letting him know that he is being coached. So different clients have different needs and the coaches are able to address them effectively.

The measurables are very hard. The goal has to be clear, realistic, focused, accurate, both parties should feel that they have achieved it. There has to be a time line too.

In addition to coaches cousellors play a different where they are involved with even freshers and lower level employees. Employees confide in counselors as their approach to the problem is objective and discreet. Counseling sessions and extended inside the cabin conversations are seen at most workplaces today. Here is why employee counseling is gaining momentum at the workplace and so is coaching.

Providing guidance:

Also, a majority of the working population, today, lives away from home and finds it difficult to access their close friends and family in times of need. This isolation during a crisis adds to an employee’s tension levels and affects his/her performance. There is no doubt most organizations today have invested in special in-house counselors or external agencies that provide with professionals guidance to employers on their personal and professional front.