Why Indian students go abroad at all?

Who is going to pay AU 440,000 (INR 1.59 million) only to become a hair dresser? A number of universities educational institutes have been luring students on the pretext of permanent residency in Australia that is the only goal of most students pursuing an education there.

Many believe the problem lies at the start of the chain, with misleading advertisements and aggressive recruiting. The burgeoning discontentment and indecisiveness can ultimately lead to existential neurosis, which mimics clinical depression. Advertisements and education agents label courses permanent residency courses and guarantee work experience hours and job placements. Students are tricked into pursuing such courses that claim there would be people waiting for them at the airport to offer them jobs, that job seeking would be easy and migration paperwork would be a breeze.

The Australian Council for Private Education and Training announced recently that it would create a register for education agents overseas in a bid to stamp out rogue agents. In a recently, made statement, CEO Andrew Smith said Education agents play an important role in providing information to students, but it is critical that students know where top find reliable, trustworthy agents who meet the highest standards, in order to make informed decisions about their studies. In the past, anecdotal reports suggest the government has filed to act on substandard education providers, in a bid to stop the disruptive closures, such as Sydney’s Sterling College and two others that closed last week. They vow now, they will act.

The peak body for migration agents is also calling for a crackdown. Migration Institute of Australia, has been asking the government to sort out problems with education agents and illegal or unscrupulous operators for an extended period of time. The announcement that education agents will have to register is a first step, but does not go far enough in reforming the sector.

Since the Indian student protests erupted in recent months, the Australian government has launched a blitzkrieg of activity to quell the anger and introduce changes but not top migration laws. All levels of government have been tasked with finding solutions a security hotline was established and there are increasing links between students and government. India has been especially targeted. In a recent visit to New Delhi, Immigration Minister, Chris Evans, announced a Working Group on migration issues would meet for the first time this month, but reiterated the government’s stance on the migration policy. A key challenge for the Australian government remains to communicate clearly that there is no automatic link between studying in Australia and getting access top permanent residency. Highlighting the links between the countries (India is now the highest source of skilled migrants to Australia and the second highest source of temporary business visas), he announced another review of the skills list that is critical to the chances of Indian students success in gaining permanent residency. This list is gaining permanent residency. This list is expected to be completed by October.

Students should be extremely cautious while applying for a course, as there are chances they might end up being exploited and cheated. They should understand that Australia is a very beautiful country, but is not a bed of roses.

But in India we connected with Indian Industry and business fail to understand why the Indian students are so keen to migrate abroad be it Australia or U.S when our own IITs, IISc s and other Universities are offering all specialized courses in IT, Engineering, Medicine and HR subjects. The experience with Indian industry is of more challenging in nature as compared to working environment in U.S or Australia. Indian students after ditching their mother country of their talents are prepared get murdered or mauled badly in U.S and Australia. Once you are abroad you are a 2nd class citizen and indirectly work like a slave.

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