Working for the right employer is crucial

Several job seekers, in a quest to land jobs, compromise on choosing the right employer (after all, it’s a tough market), thus creating a major mismatch of expectations between the employer and candidate. Hence, even if your chances of finding a great employer in a bad economy are scarce, you can still find a good one that recognizes your talent.

The adage, desperate times call for desperate measures, experts say rings true for several job seekers as out of sheer desperation, they accept jobs (after all, the job market is so tough) that may not be at par with their skill sets and eventually end up compromising on a good employer. Experts point out that recession or no recession, working for the right employer is crucial for only he/she can nurture, groom and hone your skills to be well groomed professionals. Therefore, why work for an employer, who in no way complements your skills sets, when you are capable of a better one? Today, as employers are looking towards optimizing the use of existing workforce; there is also rationalization of salaries offered. Thus, for those who are newly entering the market, or people looking for a change in order to meet their ambitions, there is a small set of options available. This also would therefore instigate aspirants to accept job offers that are not well evaluated or analyzed and most importantly work for employers, that don’t figure in their list of best places to work.

Desperation is not a universal phenomenon. It is really a function of many things. For students, it is really about the first job so as to gain experience and therefore, what you will see is them applying for as many companies as possible. For laid off employees, desperation would be seen when being jobless creates an economic hardship in their personal lives. It is crucial for prospective employees to understand that for the right person, there is always demand and work in the industry. More maturity in the freshers is seen as they seek jobs. At the same time, for the passive workers, the downturn has opened up more areas to contribute to the industry as freelancers, consultants and advisors.

However, even in times of slowdown, there are many seekers not willing to compromise as they are still looking fir opportunities that match up with their career goals and this is a good indicator. They are seeking opportunities where they have scope for more growth, freedom to take decisions etc. hence we see many of them getting associated with medium sized companies with sharp focus and well defined goals. These job seekers are even opting for smaller companies or start ups that offer wider challenges and opportunities to hone their skills. When the economy takes an upward curve, such individuals would be able to leverage the experience and command better positions. The need to have the cake and eat it too may provoke aspirants to take up any job without analytical reasoning. Therefore, it is vital you build on your 4Cs – Competency, Compensation, Compliance and Confidence and then match it with the 5th C-the company you want to work for. The 5Cs can lead to successful 6th C-Career.

Therefore, in today’s job market, with a little effort, can you find a job that fits your requirements? They can try and gets a job in a company that understands your abilities without compromising on too many factors 1) be an optimist: people are hired equally for the attitude that they display as for the technical skills they posses, 2) be a continuous learner; career building is not about doing many jobs and possessing fancy titles. It is about building an inventory of skills and knowledge to execute the required job well, 3) take on challenging roles: seek roles that you always wanted to do. This will provide you the most needed visibility.

Though jobs are far and few, they do exist. And with a little patience and without rushing into things, you can find a good employer even in a bad economy. After all, patience and persistence always pays.

Desperate times call for wise measures:

1) Spend time in job search, but also spend time networking. It is highly likely that between two qualified employees, an employee who comes as a referral will have a higher probability of getting that job.
2) Don’t show your desperation – continue to stay calm and display patience.
3) Prepare well for the interview learn about the company as much as possible. It shows that you studied the company and it will differentiate you.
4) Don’t hide that you are in the market and looking for a job. The more you are open, the higher the chances that someone will be able to help you.