Extra education is always beneficial

Since management is an amorphous field where you can have an immediate impact on the operations of any business and all organizations use Management methodologies it can always stand you in good stead. Techniques that are focused on these courses are problem solving and maximizing knowledge pools. The importance of doing this from an institute shows up in the varied interactions that a correspondence course cannot provide. The latter typically has a much lower resume and market value.

Any kind of extra education is always beneficial and your future prospects also increase. I have done my Bachelor’s degree in advertising and my job profile is also marketing, so doing my MBA in marketing gives an extra edge to my career and helps me in my internal growth with salary hikes and good positions in the office. I think doing relevant courses in your own profession will be very useful. The MBA degree on my CV will give an extra edge over others. I am able to manage my job and course perfectly as my classes are on Saturday and Sunday.

The Executive MBA programs help because of the typical nature of the people doing it—all professional, who are from different streams, with the common objective of learning and sharing experience to the fullest. This creates an intensely challenging and informative learning environment. Usually, faculty of such programmes is drawn from senior management with thorough industry experience. These programmes have smaller and more personalized classes as it is considered a more interactive curriculum. An accelerated timetable does not mean that any facet of the programme will be glossed over – it is merely that as all are with work experience, it is that much simpler to get concepts across. There is a huge emphasis on case studies and overall learning.

This kind of skill enhancement program should be viewed as a long term investment which will pay rich dividends when the next opportunity presents itself. A very big difference is in the way immediate peers and seniors perceive any professional who is willing to forgo weekends or evenings and put in the kind of hard work that is a requirement of such programs. It will always be a tangible plus. Also in the matter of learning, it will open the trainee’s mind to concepts and strategies that will help in later life – both professional and personal! The cost of the programs varies but it cannot be quantified. Opportunities for professionals once they broaden the skills do definitely increase, especially for a world economy suffering from recession; an investment in further study will be an asset for the future.

1) Training in management equips a professional with overall skills that are evident to seniors.
2) Sharpening existing skills and introducing new concepts is what an executive MBA program will do for people in the field
3) Techniques that are focused on these courses are actual case studies and maximizing pools.

Weekends can be the most productive days of the week for executives who want to forge ahead in their careers with the help of Executive MBA programs.

Executive Masters progarmmes at ITM Executive Education Center

1) 16 month Executive Masters porgramme in Business Administration
2) 24 month Masters program in Business Administration (with specialization).

Part time MBA programs have been around for generations, and have proven very popular amongst working executives. Many management institutions in Mumbai offer part time programmes of Mumbai University. These programs are usually of three years’ duration, with a course schedule attending classes on weekend evenings after work hours.

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