Specific courses in MBA add value to any resume

Professionals tend to become complacent after being in the field for some time. This is almost tantamount to professional suicide – one has to keep updating and refreshing skill set to keep abreast of, let alone conquer, current developments. This is true for any stream of work; for instance, established doctors have to keep reading up on advances in medicine, attend conferences and read papers. Short terms professional courses are the ideal way to keep in touch with your particular sphere; and there are many Indian and foreign institutes offering short, part time courses arranged so as to be convenient and easily completed.

For the corporate world, stagnation is a sure way to never getting promoted. If there is the feeling of having reached a plateau in your chosen field, it might make sense to add to pre-existing skills with a further enhancement like a Master’s program. Going in for a business qualification is a great investment for those who want to make a major; long over due career move and don’t wish to stagnate or get complacent where they are.

The several disciplines in which professional courses in India are offered include computer science, business management MBA, medical and pharma, accounts and finance, teaching , academic courses, media and entertainment, law courses, event management courses, engineering, technical, language courses, hotel management, air crew, air hostess academy, fashion designing courses Ph. D and research, travel and tourism management among others. Apart from that there are also a large number of professional courses in India, offered in subjects like mass communication, public relations, advertising, human resource, community development architecture etc. Amongst these there are certain professional courses in India, such as engineering courses, medical courses, management, multimedia and others, which are popular with students.

Aside from profession specific courses, an MBA program can add value to any resume, regardless of field. Sharpening existing skills and introducing new concepts is what an executive MBA program will do for people in the field. It offers the necessary tools to equip one with techniques of successfully handling various business and management related issues and basic tools that will enable you to make effective contributions to the economy. Besides providing the basic management capabilities it also provides the ability to use the most effective approach to solving business problems, combining the best parts of several solutions into a unique and better solution; gaining a global perspective and most importantly working with and learning from others.

Here are many post graduate courses that are specialized in themselves available as regular courses. Apart from the regular marketing finance and human resources management there are MBAs related to biology and allied fields, thus opening many new dimensions. The basic eligibility required in this field is graduation in any field of biology, for instance, and MBA in Biotechnology being acclaimed as the new cutting edge for knowledge development at national as well as international levels. Pharma or Hospital Management is another area of great of great opportunities, especially with so many professionally managed hospitals. In the tertiary sector there is Operations Management for overall corporate working and systems management, which forms an integral part of business today, related to computers and their allied fields. Telecom management includes all fields of telephony, television and computers with all the intermediate areas also covered. Service management is a set of related activities that provide value to the customer. Another new frontier is Retail Management, especially with organized on an aggressive note.

The most common objection to doing this is a lack of time or the feeling that you are past it once ensconced in a job – but age limits to doing an MBA program, especially part time, are quite relaxed.