Professionals’ Photography

Shari Academy is one of the oldest and most successful schools of professionals’ photography.

The facets that differentiate between the great educational institutes and also ran ones are those related to the quality of education and the thoroughness of the teachers to inculcate creative imagination in every student considering the string abilities found through the practice assignments. Another facet for differentiation is naturally the recognition by the internationally famous establishments / authorities and the laurels that the students of the Institute receive at various International venues.

SHARI ACADEMY, established in 1991 by Mr Girish Mistry, the ace photographer and mentor for creative photographers, answers to all the above qualities of a great Institute. That the Institute is dedicated to educating photographers is hardly of any consequences as the quality has been proved internationally. SHARI ACADEMY happens to be the oldest and most successful school of Professional Photography and Digital Imaging in this part of the world. Exemplary recognition came from Adobe as the only Adobe Authorized training Center as also appointment for a Canon Pro center for Western India

SHARI ACADEMY is the only school in Asia to have won 31 International Student Teacher Competitions at the PIEA, PMA (USA) including the Grand Award three times for India. SHARI ACADEMY has a rare distinction of winning all 26 Awards at the PGI students Fine Art Competition. Other major prizes won by the SHARI students include Lalit Kala Academy and All India 1st prize.

The advent of digital technology has had the biggest impact in the Art, Science and Business of photography after the invention of color films. Digital cameras, labs, storage devices and digital manipulation software have completely and dramatically changed the photography business as the world has known since it began. This synergy between the old and contemporary has resulted in great images. The impact of visual communication is seen by the innumerable images we see every day in our environment.

Photographers are today at the forefront as they document history and social changes. The resources of these image makers are tapped by virtually all industries and very few people will be unaffected by photographic image capture in its varied usage and application.

A formally trained image maker today is not only a respected self employed professional but also a very well paid artist. The average monthly salary for photographers in India range from Rs 12,000/ – to Rs 45,000/- and the average professional fee charged by a self employed professional ranges Rs 10,000/- to Rs 50,000/- plus per day. Trends Research Group has reported that photography jobs are slated to rise by 10 to 12 per cent through 2012.

So if you have the spark, a seed, that the fire of imagination ignites you can go to academies like SHARI ACADEMY with your own passion and vision. And process begins, an idea begins to take shape evolving and changing, it is forged and molded and refined the best thing about this passionate process is that never ends. A career that combines creativity with the challenge of business is a life long adventure.

Talking about a career in Photography after training from a renowned institute, there is no dearth of lucrative career opportunities for professional photographers trained by the Academy. Academy students can choose from two equally lucrative career options after the courses, namely employment or a freelance career in photography.

Employment opportunities for professional photographers exist in fields such as Advertising, Photography for advertising agencies, Still Photography for movie production companies, Technical Photography for research organizations, Forensic / law enforcement / Surveillance Photography for police or Defense Services, Digital Post production Artist in pre-press houses / advertising agencies, Art Direction for advertising agencies, Photo journalism for newspaper and magazines. Photography for Export Houses and for Information & Broadcasting Ministry. Excellent job avenues exist in Documentary Photography, Corporate Photography, Teaching Photography in Art Institutes and Mass Communication Institutes.

Careers as freelance photographers can be in a variety of fields such as Advertising Photography for advertising agencies and direct clients, fashion, Industrial, Stock, Still Photography for promotion of movies, Editorial Photography for newspapers and magazines, Function, Fine art, Architectural, Photo illustrations, portrait, Corporate, Travel, Hoarding / Outdoor Advertising Export Houses and others.