‘Vastu’ principles and practice – Science of elements

Vastu helps us conquer problems due to one’s abode, office or dwelling. Vasturaviraj presents impeccable courses in Vastu principles and practice.

Just as the planets affect us in many ways, the Vastu or the dwelling in which we live also affects us in a variety of ways. The better we understand the effects and take acre of the bad ones through systematic eradication of the bad segments, the more peaceful and merry our lives will become. As is misunderstood many times, Vastu is not just for the direction in which the entrance of the house is located but has every other thing to do with the placing of various components of the dwelling units to suit our lives and also Vastu principles.

Though an ancient Indian science, Vastu has attained immediacy due to the various factors that affect our homes and businesses as we opt for an abode or office without consulting a true Vastu specialists and then see our dreams almost ruined until we get proper advice and implement the same as a remedial measure.

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science that deals in synchronizing eight directions, five fundamental elements along with gravitational and electromagnetic forces of the earth and effect of cosmic waves emanating from planets as well as the universal waves in human life. Vastushastra has originated form Sthapatya Veda.

When we properly align our environment with Vastu a prime balance occurs. Once this balance is created the stress is reduced and the frustrations and limitations in life diminish to an extent they cannot bother you.

Vastu Shastra education and Research Foundation (VERF) is a part of the Vastu Raviraj Consultancy, who has offered solace to many people over the years in mitigating and reducing their problems and frustration arising out of the Vastu for their office/residence. VERF is dedicated to conducting in depth courses in Vastu Shastra. The courses have been designed in such depth that the theoretical and practical portions provide total understanding of the interactions and five elements as also the problems created by misplacements of these energies in the ho-me / office.

In effect the VERF presents a system of learning which in turn is able to create harmonious and balanced homes and offices without demolition or remodeling. The students can learn how the system can be integrated easily into any living or work space. In the very least, Vastu Shastra, as presented by the VERF will help you, your family and friends experience the powerful connection between man and nature through effective, time proven tools and practices that promote health, abundance, success, positive relationships, and happiness without costly remodeling. VERF is dedicated to knowledge and hence it does not preach that you become a practicing Vastu consultant. However, the courses give you enough tools to understand the situations and to guide in full confidence with the knowledge that you have gained.

The Vastu Courses are best understood in all its aspects from the Masters of Vastu, as they provide you an in depth analysis of Vastu principles and their effects on the human beings / environment.

Vastu Courses from VERF, cover the following main aspects of Vastu and effects on mankind and environment,

1) Qualities of the eight directions
2) Types of Vastu Corrections – structural, behavioral, function, furnishings, five elements, color, mirrors, plants, pictures, tools, virtual.
3) Exterior Vastu Corrections
4) Interior Vastu Corrections
5) Office corrections
6) Placement of Yantras
7) Correcting Geopathic Stress
8) Environmental Space Clearing and Altars
9) Ayurveda – Vastu and Health
10) Jyotish – Vastu and astrology
11) Surveying a property.

Each lecture in the Vastu Course deals with different aspects of Vastu such as:

1) Origin and history as well as major influences on Vastu
2) Outside Vastu and Geopathic Stress.
3) Office Vastu
4) Yantras and Mantras
5) Altars

Presently VERF has a comprehensive course consisting of Vastu basics with Twenty specifically designed lessons, each of approximately two to two and a half hours duration.

The courses are held for regular classrooms learners as well as Distance learner through effective use of Audio Visual network.

This course is designed with an in-depth knowledge of the Vastu Principles as a core subject with Vastu remedial measures, which are most important part of a practitioner’s repertoire. This course consists of residential as well as commercial and industrial projects and deals with neutralizing the Vastu defects without any structural demolition. There are many projects where the changes in a design or a plan are not acceptable. The courses deal with the exigencies of such projects and the remedial measures to be taken for Vastu compliance.

During the courses of training at VERF, every student would be required to learn and understand fully:

1) Review techniques for, exterior, interior and office corrections.
2) Enlarge knowledge sphere in theory Vastu corrections
3) Fine tune understanding of dowsing or eliminating Geopathic stress and correcting imbalances.
4) Review Vastu space clearing ceremony and learn hands on techniques for property and health perspectives.
5) Additional mantras and techniques to infuse homes and offices with balance.
6) Strengthen the student ability to assess property deficiencies
7) Understand survey processes and site plan drawing factors.
8) Learn principles and practices for running a successful Vastu Consultancy business (for Affiliates only).
9) As part of the course you will have to complete two on-site consultations which will be critiqued by Dr Rairaj Ahirrao. After this alone you would be fully certified professional.

Upon successful completion of the course the certified participants are eligible to:

1) Purchase of products at whole sale rates.
2) Purchase business related support items.
3) Support your Vastu business at reduced consultation rates.
4) Certificate with completion of each higher level of Courses.