Architects create landmarks

If you enjoy conceptualizing designs and often pencil them in your drawings, then consider architecture as a career.

Architects create landmarks through the canvas of buildings we live in. The field of architecture is becoming popular as it gives the individual the opportunity to exert his creative prowess while being resourceful and innovative. Depending upon the preferences of the client an architect has to produce artistically pleasing and visually appealing design in the given budget. Advancement in technology, new methods of execution has made architecture a suitable career option.

In the last few decades massive changes have occurred in the approach to construction. New structures have been raised from old heritage buildings through redevelopment buildings, huge townships to lavish complexes, skyscrapers to landscapes are mushrooming all over, opening up creative avenues.

The duration of the under graduate architecture course is five years, which provides both theoretical and practical training. The candidate applying for the course must have success fully completed plus two or an equivalent level of education. Further one has to qualify for the entrance exams like All India Engineering Entrance Examination or AIEEE conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) or the National Aptitude Test in Architecture conducted by the National Institute of Advanced Studies and Architecture.

Keen observation, rational and practical approach, creativity and originality, analytical and mathematical ability proficiency in geometrical modeling and keep desire to update knowledge of latest developments in structural techniques are required.

There are many institutions in India providing opportunities for a career in architecture. Sir JJ College of Architecture, Academy of Architecture, Asmita College of Architecture, Bharati Vidyapeeth’s college of Architecture, IES College of Architecture, D Y Patil College, Rachana Sansad Academy are some of the well known institutions providing education in architecture. Subjects in the architecture courses include history of architecture, practical mathematics, design and construction, town planning, economies, some sociology, environmental science, and professional practice along with computers. B Arch degree / Diploma holders can pursue their specialization.

KV is currently in her second year doing her masters in landscape designing from Center for Environmental Planning and Technology, Ahmedabad, She pursued architecture as she had a keen interest in building and structure. Earlier architecture as a career option was less popular as it was not that lucrative.

However, with advances in building design there is lot of scope in architecture. One can specialize in urban designing, planning, housing, landscaping, conservation of historic monuments and much more.

There are many other career options within architecture such as architectural journalist, building researcher, cartographer, urban planner, art director, marine architect, technical illustrator, to name some. Other lucrative career prospects like town planning, construction management, landscape designing, naval architecture and interior designing can be selected. Suitable jobs in Government and developing agencies like Public Works Department (PWD)., Department of Railways, Post and Telegraph, National Building Organization, Town and Country Planning Organization, national Institutes of Urban affairs and Housing and Urban Development Corporation can be chosen.

With the increasing urbanization and commercialization, architects are in great demand. Working in both private and commercial environments is giving good returns. More so with the entire green building movement emerging in the forefront, there is a greater need for architects who can bring to the table designs that are sustainable in the long run. With so many options available, architecture can certainly be a great career option, if you have the inclination for it.