Meaning of human resource management


Different terms are used to denote human resource management. They are : labor management, labor administration, labor-management relations, employee-employer relations, industrial relations, personnel administration, personnel management, human capital management, human asset management, human resources management and the like. Though these terms can be differentiated widely, the basic nature of distinction lies in the scope or coverage and evolutionary stage. In simple sense, human resources management means employing people, developing their resources, utilizing, maintaining and compensating their services in tune with the job and organizational requirements.

Personnel management as defined by the Institute of Personnel Management in UK and subsequently adopted by Indian Institute of Personnel Management is as follows :

“Personnel management is a responsibility of all those who manage people as well as being a description of the work of those who are employed as specialists. It is that part of management which is concerned with the people at work and with their relationships within an enterprise. It applies not only to industry and commerce but to all fields of employment�.

This definition can be summarized as follows :

1. Personnel management is a responsibility of all line managers in an organization, viz., general manager, production manager, marketing manager, finance manager, etc., and it is a staff function, i.e., it is the function of personnel manager who is appointed as a specialist. Thus, all managers in the organization are vitally concerned with personnel management as they must achieve organizational goals through other people’s efforts.
2. Personnel management is a part of management. This part is concerned with the people and their relationship within an organization.
3. This applies to all organizations in the universe, i.e., economic, social , political, religious etc.

Michael J. Jucius defined Personnel Management as “ the field of management which has to do with planning, organizing, directing and controlling the functions of procuring, developing, maintaining and utilizing a labor force, such that the —–

(i) Objectives for which the company is established economically and effectively.
(ii) Objectives of all levels of personnel are served to the highest possible degree.
(iii) Objectives of society are duly considered and served. Human Resources Management(HRM) can be defined as managing (planning, organizing , directing and controlling) the functions of employing, developing of human relations with a view to contribute proportionately (due to them ) to the organizational, individual and social goals.

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