A wide range of opportunities in lesser popular job roles

Though lesser known, there are quite a number of job profiles other than the most commonly heard of names in the ITeS/BPO sector which have huge potential and can be great options for working professionals in the industry.

Working in BPOs has been quite a rapidly growing trend in India Inc. for quite sometime now, especially for freshers and youngsters. There is good money and a good working environment that BPOs provide. They are also known for treating their employees very well. In fact, young professionals in BPOs handle some very crucial roles too. When you think of a BPO, the first role that comes to your mind is that of a tele-caller or a customer service representative. While the BPO industry has high profile jobs, which are well known, there are lesser known jobs in the industry about which little is known. Here is a low down at some of these lesser known and lesser popular job functions in a BPO.

On what kind of job roles can prospective employees look forward to in the BPO / ITES sector other than the usual customer service representative role? There are roles available like voice and accent coach, WFM (work force management) and operations quality that offer viable career opportunities for the youth, but do not often get the publicity. These are roles which are crucial on the floor and form the backbone of the business.

ITeS/BPO has been stereo typed with conventional call centers jobs and over the years, we are still challenged by these notions. At Infosys BPO, voice constitutes only 25 per cent of overall revenue and they offer a wide range of high end data services as well. They offer services in nice domains like telecom, insurance, banking, platforms, etc. The high end services employment opportunities within these units/domains are varied. Apart from the regular customer service jobs, one can look at finance and accounts executives, procurement specialists, collections, mortgage, consultants, business analyst,, quality controller, pre-sales etc. Some of the roles are defined based on the client you get recruited for.

Today ITES / BPO companies have evolved from mere service providers to partnership global Fortune 500 companies in industries such as banking, insurance, travel, technology etc. delivering some of the most complex, high security processes and services ranging from payment remediation, mortgage processing, wealth management, fulfillment for the travel industry, finance and accounting, transaction document management, billing services, database marketing, tax processing, HR outsourcing, biotech research, etc. As a result, young executives have exposure to world class best practices of global organizations not from just working with BPO companies but also working closely with clients and visits to the client’s site overseas for training and reviews etc.

The lesser popular job roles, in fact, offer a wide range of opportunities to experienced working professionals as well as freshers. So what are the traits and qualifications required for these jobs? What is the selection process like? Requirements for roles like voice and accent coach, WFM managers and associate team leader, operations quality include possessing good communicate skills and positive attitude to work. Knowledge of multiple languages and networking skills are preferred in the BPO / ITeS industry. Also, a candidate should have an orientation towards customer service, be target-oriented and willing to work in shifts. These are some of the critical qualities required to succeed in the BPO sector.

A combination of educational qualifications and experience is ideal for hiring a candidate for this industry. More importantly, it is the attitude that matters, as a positive attitude is the key to success.