Employees need physical well being, as well as mental well being attention

Ask yourself the following questions: 1) Are you successfully able to pass through a hectic day without any break? 2) despite the mounting work pressure and deadlines, are you able to exercise your multi tasking skills? 3) do you spend a lot of time on networking websites and take far too many coffee breaks to break the monotony, but you’ve been observing that your productivity is getting hampered? and most importantly, 4) is your work taking a toll on your physical and mental health thus affecting your engagement and motivation levels in the bargain? If you have answered ‘yes’ to the above questions, fret not as several HR managers of India Inc are devising policies to ensure that their employee continue to remain productive and engaged.

Organizations have come to realize that it is not only the physical well being of their employees that needs attention, but also their mental well being. Many organizations, have hence come up with some very interesting initiatives to enhance the concentration levels and mental well being of their employees. In fact, allowing employees to play Jigsaw puzzles, Sudoku or hone their hobbies are initiatives that many organizations today are taking up. Cognizant offers an array of motivational, development and wellness programs to its employees to help them unlock their potential. Out of the many programs at Cognizant, there are experiential programs, in which their out bound training programs leverage to help the participants gain immediate and powerful insights into their own and their team’s work styles and behavioral patterns. As part of wellness program, they organize sessions on emotional intelligence, stress management, time management, yoga, and so on. Other than these, personal effectiveness programs are also that include a broad range of activities focused on written and spoken communication, client interfacing, presentation, cross cultural adaptability and so on.

Similarly at HCL Technologies, they have designed a number of initiatives for employees to help them realize their passion, get constant feedback, sharpen their leadership skills and stay sharp and focused at work. The greatest advantage that an organization can possess is passion. It is the underlying emotion that drives the employee towards excellence. Employee Passion Indicative Count (EPIC) was conceptualized keeping the employee aspirations and motivational levels in mind. They wanted to understand exactly what were those elements, that determine the passion an employee possesses. Upon completion of the assessment, each individual was furnished with a comprehensive report (within 24 hours of their completing the assessment) that identified their top five passion indicators as well as gave a few suggestions on how best could they leverage these to achieve maximum benefit. Pantaloons India has a program once in very two weeks on Saturdays, called ‘Fun Zone’. This allows employees take a break from work for about half an hour and play various games and their CEO pays special attention to this. They have a different game every time, and sometimes, the preparation starts from morning itself. The idea here is to take a break from work to sharpen thoughts, foster out of the box thinking and explore creativity outside the office walls. Similarly at Patni Computers, they have a small club called Club Patni that arranges a lot of activities. They also have salsa/aerobic classes for employees post work. Nothing like dancing relieves your stress and that is why this is loved the most by all employees.

So how important are such initiatives for having a focused, productive and engaged work force and how do employees benefit from them? The benefits of these programs get reflected in their attitude towards work. These programs are designed with a focus on helping the associates understand their inner self so that motivation comes from within, as motivation coming from the environment can be short lived. Besides sensitizing the participants to the need for managing oneself in a certain way in order to be happy and productive at work, these programs have helped them, adopt a more balanced approach towards work, stressing upon everything from tolerance to perseverance. These initiatives are very effective in helping our associates enhance their creativity at work, improve productivity, build capacities and attain higher levels of awareness. These are very important attributes for professional success today.

Initiatives that explicitly define the benefits an individual can take away are instant successes with the masses. It is important that the initiatives designed are relevant and useful to the employee and that it impacts their thought process and creates a change. These are extremely crucial in maintaining and sustaining a passionate and productive workforce. In an IT company and under high working pressure, it is really important for the company to arrange for such activities which relieve employees from the stress. One has to have a clear mind in order to deliver the best under strict deadlines. Rather than logging on to social networking sites or chatting your time away, these activities really help distress you.

Or6agnizations have now started undertaking many initiatives to make sure their employees learn ways to beat the stress and become sharp and focused at work.
1) Encourage employees to spare a few minutes to try their hand at a jigsaw puzzle.
2) Sudoku is also a great way to stay sharp at work. Accessible newspaper has this engaging mind game to keep employees ticking, taking out not more than a few minutes of their busy work schedule.
3) A lot of offices, have if not, a gym, a treadmill or a cycle for their employees. Ask employees to pack in ten to fifteen minutes of brisk walking/jogging in the afternoons and you are sure to feel pepped up. Also, if you do have a table tennis table or carrom board, ask a colleague to come along for a quick game, thus breaking the monotony during mid week crisis.
4) Bring out the individuality of your employees. We all have hobbies and are passionate about something, be it astrology, films, music, or art to name a few. Make sure they take out a few minutes to pamper that passion.