Companies in the recession and employees’ social responsibility

Companies must not waste time in the recession and take this as an opportunity to further improve their operations and operating practices with the involvement of all their employees. This is the opportune time to develop the capability of working in adverse conditions. The communication process has also been strengthened to ensure that the top management clearly displays the message and are all in this together.

There are successful companies and also the ones that fail. The fundamental difference is that of attitude. Successful companies keep their heads up in all adversity and keep giving the message of positivity. The unsuccessful grieve and moan and keep externalizing the problems faced.

There cannot be a better time for encouraging innovation. This also helps us spread the message of trust. Employees realize that they the company through a tough situation.

We should continue to hunker down and not focus on austerity, but growth. In organizations that see a future for themselves, there is no time to grieve tough times. The growth theme may be curtailed due to availability of resources, but the message of growth continues. Austerity is something we always pay attention to as a cultural pillar, but this is not in conflict with growth. The culture does not encourage unnecessary pomp and show. But this has nothing to do with recession. It is a culture that is coming down from generations.

Companies must prepare for the recovery and have become much more aware of the need to conserve scarce resources. From an HR stand point, the focus is on development of employees for a different future. This is the ideal time to increase the focus on training and development. This will be a clear message that the organization is optimistic about its expectations of the future.

Organizations have a role to play towards making their employees socially responsible.

Several organizations that are socially responsible and are regular followers of corporate citizen policies believe that a lot needs to be pursued besides corporate social responsibility; hence they explicitly focus on ensuring that their employees remain as responsible social citizens as these companies are. Such companies enunciate the policies with a clear intent. MNCs like HP and Indian companies like TATA are good examples of this.

A socially accountable and concerned organization would play as decisive a role as society or family in affecting social responsibility in its employees. As parents teach their children to speak, walk and act, an organization too plays a vital role in inspiring its employees to imbibe and display value, culture and ethos it holds respect for. From day to day conduct to aligning the overall vision in alignment to its social interest, a company should behave responsibility and ensure that their employees do it too.

Organizations have a role in making their employees socially responsible because many of them have a strong value system that is in built in their employees and they become string people in the terms of the basic value. Also, many organizations are associated with several NGOs that work towards various causes of humanity and many employees do contribute some percentage of their monthly incomes to NGOs. Thus, an organization does have a crucial role in making their employees socially responsible citizens.

No time to waste:

The success of your business depends vastly on how you use your time, especially when touring abroad. And it is quite natural to misjudge the distances in a new place. Here are a few tips to manage your time well and make the most of it:

If you are traveling to the Asian countries, you’ll most probably plan your travel so that you can conduct business on the same day. But keep in mind the time zone difference while planning and also the travel delays that you might have to face.

If you are new to the city, plan meetings at different venues with the travel time in mind. Ideally, if possible, organize meetings at a venue that’s centrally located.

If you spare time in the evenings, enjoy the nightlife in the town. And if you find some idle time between meetings, go on a quick sightseeing tour.

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