The Art of Rejuvenating and not disconnecting

Many working professionals, in the race to go ahead, are finding it extremely hard to break away from work. However, if you want to make an attempt at saving your marriage or want to, keep away from becoming a workaholic, here are few tips:

Unwind at work

Before you leave the workplace, take a few minutes to unwind. Approach your friends in office and share a chat. Keep work out of the conversation. Once you get talking about your plans for the evening or some shopping that you have to do, you will automatically start looking forward to it. You will start charting in your mind and work will take a back seat.

If you think that work on a certain project can’t be left for tomorrow, boss your juniors into doing it. Leave instructions on what needs to be done and how to do it. But be reasonable in your demands and deadlines.

When you go home to your family or meet friends, they are not really interested in who is doing what in your office. They will instead prefer to gossip about common friends and relatives. However, if you like talking about work, keep it to a minimum.

Technology has its advantages but if you don’t know to push it away, you are in trouble. Talking for hours with colleagues even when you get back from work, checking mails constantly on your laptop or Blackberry can really annoy people at home. They feel ignored and unimportant.

Draw a timeline for your office work at home and stick to it. And when going on a vacation make sure you leave your laptop home and if you can, ignore calls related to work.

You have to learn to say no. Agreed you want to reach far ahead and that too quickly, doing everything on the job single handedly is not going to help. If you keep accepting more and more work just to impress, you are bound to falter with the jobs already at hand. Be a smart worker and take on projects only when you can deliver without straining yourself too much.

Take days off:

The key to a successful individual is to know when to unwind and let go to things so that you can take personal days off and come back refreshed. Breaks are meant to rejuvenate you, so make good use of them. And your family won’t have much to complain for a few months since you have spent quality time with them.

Getting your leave sanctioned:

This is mostly applicable to freshers and upto middle management cadres. Getting leave is no easy job, especially when your colleagues are also operating on the same agenda. So here are some tips that will help you get that much coveted break.

One week before you decide to approach your boss for leave, start working hard and more importantly making it obvious. Every time you make some head way in a project, intimate your boss so that he gets the impression that you are working really hard. Discuss work with your boss and colleagues as much as possible. Be it your lunch break or your Tea break session, talk business.

Your boss is not sitting there to give you leaves whenever you are in the mood for a holiday. When you approach him for leave, make sure you make it sound important and urgent. If your reason for the leave doesn’t sound genuine enough, you might as well as stop entertaining the hopes of getting the leave.

Don’t say that you’re bored of work and can do with a holiday. Whatever your reason, make sure you communicate it with a grave expression and a pensive tone.

Everyone at work needs to think that you’re a very dedicated worker. If you work overtime, make sure you let your boss know about that smartly. Similarly, if you’re early to work, get people to notice it.

Be super nice to your boss a few days before you approach him for leave. Pay him subtle compliments, but don’t be too effusive or else he’ll read through your tactics.

Catch random people and strike a conversation about how you haven’t taken a break from work in a long time. Be in the hearing range of your boss. Make it sound as though you need a break, but are too dedicated to take one. Don’t crib at all. When you ask your boss for leave, we are sure he won’t turn you down, unless he’s Hitler reincarnate.

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