Unique aspects of physiology

Some unique aspects of physiology – special looks or tonalities or physical gestures – can be found in people of great power, like John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr, or Franklin Roosevelt. If you can model their specific physiologies, you will tap into the same resourceful parts of the brain and start to process information the way they do. You will literally feel the way they felt. Obviously since breathing, movement, and tonality are critical factors in creating state, photos of these people do not provide as specific an amount of information as would be desirable. A movie or video of them would be ideal. For a moment mirror just their postures, facial expressions, and gestures as accurately as you can. You will feel similar feelings. If you remember how that person’s voice sounds, you might say something in that tone of voice.

Also note the level of congruency all these people share. Their physiology is delivering one single message, not conflicting messages. If you were incongruent when you mirrored their physiologies, you would not feel as they felt because you would not be delivering the same messages to the brain. If, for example, you were mirroring the physiology and simultaneously saying to yourself, you would not fully experience the benefits of mirroring because you were not congruent. Your body would have been saying one thing and your mind another. Power comes from delivering one unified message.

If you can get a tape of a Martin Luther King Jr, speech and speak as he speaks, duplicating his tonality, voice, and tempo, you may feel a sense of power and strength like never before. And one of the great advantages of reading a book by someone like john Kennedy or Benjamin Franklin or Albert Einstein is that puts you in a state similar to theirs. You start thinking like the authors, creating the same kind of internal representations. But by duplicating their physiology, you can feel like them in the flesh and even behave as they did.

Would you like to immediately tap more of your inner power and magic? Start consciously modeling the physiology of people you respect or admire. You will begin to create the same states that they experience. It is often possible to achieve an exact experience. Obviously, you don’t want to model the physiology of someone who is depressed. You want to model people who are in a powerful, resourceful state because duplicating them will give you a new set of choices, a way to access parts of your brain that you may not have effectively used in the past.

In one seminar, a kid who couldn’t be figured out was in the least resourceful physiology ever seen and couldn’t get him into a more powerful state. It turns out he’d had part of his brain destroyed in an accident. But the expert conducting seminar got him to act if to model him and himself into a physiology he didn’t think, he had access to. And by modeling him, his brain started to work in a whole new way. By the end of the seminar, people almost couldn’t recognize him. He was acting and feeling completely different from ever before. By mimicking another’s physiology, he had begun to experience new choices of thought, emotion and action.

If you were to model a world class runner’s belief systems, mental syntax, and physiology does that mean you, too would be able to run a mile in less than four minutes shortly after modeling him? You are not modeling the person exactly, because you have not developed the same consistent messages to your nervous system as he has through consistent practice. It’s important to note that some strategies require a level of physiological development or programming that you do not yet have. You may have modeled the world’s greatest baker, but if you to bake his recipe in an oven that only gets up to 225 degrees, while his goes to 625, you are not going to produce the same result. However, by using his recipe, you can maximize the result you get even with your oven. And if you model the way he got his oven to increase its output over the years, you can create the same result if you’re willing to pay the appropriate price. In order to increase your ability to produce results by modeling strategies, you may need to invest some time in increasing the power of your oven.

Being attentive to physiology creates choices. Why do people take drugs, drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes or over eat ? Aren’t these all indirect attempts to change state by changing physiology? By breathing or moving body or facial muscles in a new pattern, you immediately change yours state. It will produce the same results as food, alcohol, or drugs without harmful side effects to either your body or your psyche. Remember, in any cybernetic loop, the individual who has the most choice is in control. In any device, the most critical aspect is flexibility. All other things being equal, the system with the most flexibility has more choices and more ability to direct other aspects of the system. It’s the same with people. The people with the most choices are the ones most in charge. Modeling is about creating possibility. And there’s no faster, more dynamic way than through physiology.

The next time you see someone who is extremely successful, someone you admire and respect, copy gestures, feel the difference, and enjoy the change in thought patterns. New choices await you. Now let’s take a look at another aspect of physiology – the foods we eat, the way we breathe, and the nutrients we supply to ourselves. They all are parts of some aspects of our physiology (includes psyche).