Productivity and conflict

It really isn’t easy to focus on work when there is a more interesting world out there that is beckoning you. Be it Face book, g talk, an online game or a seemingly interesting conversation between two colleagues. Almost anything, but work can catch our attention. So, if you think that you’re among the many to be suffering from the attention deficit disorder, here’s what you can do to concentrate.

Make a to do list. Every time you get distracted, look at it and remind yourself of all the work that is pending. You’ll suddenly become more focused and will think twice before switching off them.

Stay light years away from sites like Face book and Orkut. It would help if you got your office IT guys to block them. Also, once you’ve finished checking your mail in the morning, don’t forget to log off. If you have the page open constantly, you’ll be tempted to refresh it every time you have a free minute.

You’re allowed to take a few gossip breaks, a couple of coffee breaks and as many loo breaks as you want. But that doesn’t mean that you get up from your seat every half an hour. Whenever you feel tempted to get up without a reason look at some one who is knee deep in work. You might just get inspired to stay put in your chair then.

It is never easy working with music on. If you have been struggling you meet deadlines, may be you have your iPod or radio to blame for it. Switch it off and you’ll see your productivity soaring.

If you feel the urge to call up a friend, we would recommend you put it off till you’ve completed a certain task. That way, you’ll be able to intersperse your breaks with work effectively.

Treat yourself to something that you really like (could be a good meal, a little shopping etc) when you complete a tough assignment. That’ll keep you motivated enough to go on and to do a good job too.

If an employee causes a rift within a team, should expulsion be an option?

In an industry as people intensive as life Insurance enhanced interpersonal skills has become a pre-requisite. Though, at times there can be conflicts within the team, it is most vital that employees should learn to work together and equip themselves with good team management skills. Conflicts encourage reasoning and push teams to prove their varied points of view; these conflicts are often encouraged to drive meaningful passion at work. And then there are those that go on to adversely affect the productivity of the team in a negative way; these conflicts often take away valuable productivity and are usually discouraged by team leaders. If these conflicts persist, they can start to affect not only the people directly involved, but also others around them and eventually the organization as a whole. These conflicts should be removed from the system, even if they require extreme measures.

During a conflict, managers need to work it out with the team members by a having a personal interaction with team and make an effort to eradicate al differences. India is a big country with a long history and diverse culture. For a lot of expats who work, absence of proper understanding of people may soon lead to frustration within themselves and misunderstanding may take place, thus causing conflicts between colleagues. We should not penalize the staff due to such issues. Rather, we should remind them that learning and education are life long processes. Learning to get along with each other in office is an art of its own. Everyone deserves a chance to learn and master that art.

Irrespective of individual brilliance, an employee that does not mesh with his or her colleagues should be asked to go, because an organization that wishes to emerge or persist as a voice in the new are global arena needs collaborative effort with creative divergence spurred by the ability of its employees with varied skills to get by and work together.