Key Elements in shaping the personality

Look at the key elements in shaping the personality of a person. When we explain these elements in the organizational context, we can say them to be the tips which an executive or a leader can make use of in order to give the cutting edge to his personality. These elements or tips are as follows:

1) Plan out the program
2) Application and hard work
3) Dynamism and adaptability
4) Optimism
5) Honesty and loyalty
6) Good listener
7) Avoid criticism
8) Tolerance
9) Admit personal mistakes.

Plan out the program: To be an effective person it is necessary to plan and program the day in advance and as far as possible stick to it. Otherwise, it would be difficult to progress because of delays, overlapping and confusions. In an organization, an executive or a manager has got many resources at his disposal, like men, material, and money a part from his own time and energy. He must therefore plan out the whole pro-gram in detail so as to make the best possible use of these resources and also to avoid the other hurdles like delays and break downs. Planning one’s time is also time is very important to avoid confusion and chaos.

Application and hard work: Mere planning the program is not enough. Success is not a matter of luck or genius it depends on adequate preparation and determination. Work is the beginning the middle and the end of success.

He who does not work hard cannot succeed. All successful people have toiled hard and put in enormous amount of work. It is the application which has finally led them to successful ventures. Therefore, there is no compromise on hard work. There is no substitute, for work is worship.

Dynamics and Adaptability:

It is the ability to get along well with others, whether senior, equals or juniors.

We are always exposed to groups. Man is a social animal and therefore he prefers to live in the society. The same is the case of the organization. A leader or a manager has to work in co-ordination with many other people in the organization. The manager has to adjust himself suitably so that he could fit in harmoniously in the group. He must reconcile his personal aims, likes, dislikes, hopes, aspirations and so on with those of the group as a whole.

In a nut shell it is the ability to get along well with others, whether senior, equals or juniors, that determines the effectiveness of a person. If he is unable to do so he will prove to be a social misfit.

Optimism: Optimism and positive approach are essential and indispensable qualities for acquiring a healthy personality. An individual endowed with optimism radiates joy, friendliness, cooperation and warmth. He does his assignments with enthusiasm, thrill and enjoyment. Though he may face setbacks, his positive thinking will enable him to try over and over again till he succeeds.

Therefore, an individual who wants to have a healthy personality should bear in mind that his optimism will help him to make full use of his opportunities and he will invariably taste success.

Honesty and Loyalty: Integrity, honesty, loyalty and selflessness are the formulations of an individual’s character. It is very important, therefore, for a person to ensure that these four aspects of his character are particularly taken care of. One has to be loyal to the organization, and the fellow beings. Whenever he is given some task and also resources to accomplish the task, it means that the organization has placed its trust and belief on him. He must, therefore accomplish those tasks to the best of his ability, honesty and truthfulness.

Good listener: To be interesting one has to be interested. Be a good listener. Whenever in a conversation ask questions, draw people out, make them talk about themselves. When the other person is talking pay rapt attention, do not be impatient, do not look at the watch or yawn or interrupt.

Do not talk much. To hear and to learn more, one must keep the ears and the eyes open and not the mouth. If one listens, one has the advantage. On the other hand, if one speaks out of turn, others have the advantage.