Fun with Colleagues and forming an impression

Going out for a drink or for lunch in passé. There’s a lot more that you can do with your colleagues when you want to have fun. We suggest some activities that’ll help you bond well together and even bring out the team spirit in you.

Singing your heart out is extremely therapeutic. Just go to a karaoke place and you will know what we are talking about. And you don’t even have to worry about making small talk or nay such formalities. All you need to do is to sing along. Trust us, it is more fun than you can imagine.

If you really want to bond with your colleagues, go out trekking. Nature just invariably gets people talking and romantising about life. You’ll get to know a different side of your colleagues. Besides change of scene is going to do all of you a world of good.

You have tried working together, now try working out together. You could join a dance or a yoga class or even a gym. After-work gossip can go a long way in helping you unwind and relax.

Nothing can match the fun that you a have over a sleepover. Incessant chit-chat, a movie marathon never ending booze sessions are enough to charge you up for a busy day ahead.

If you enjoy a certain sport, go ahead and play it. Kick start a football match or opt for a lazy game of cricket. We can guarantee you that you will have a blast. But if that’s just too much effort, you could stay put and play video games or even Scrabble together.

Get together to cook a meal as a team. Each member can make one dish and you can enjoy a spread together once it’s done. You will derive immense fulfillment from a full tummy.

Conduct a pain ball competition wherein you can throw colored water balls of each other. It’s a great way of venting and releasing all angst that you have against each other.

It makes sense to join a workshop together after work. It could be candle making, handwriting analysis or even cooking. You will have a blast learning something outside of work.

As soon as you meet or even see a person, you form an impression of him / her based on their posture, gestures and facial expressions, right? This is why it is important to make a good first impression on the person who will be interviewing you. Within the first 60 seconds of meeting you, the interviewer will have formed an impression about your personality traits and the kind of employee you would make, and 55 per cent of this will be based solely on your body language.

Reading candidates’ body language has become one of the methods to gauge their behavioral patterns during interviews by HR. Several experts say that a candidate can impress the interviewer by utilizing his / her body language towards his / her advantage; traits such as sitting straight, keeping the hands on the hand-rest of the chair or on lap, maintaining direct eye contact while talking and most importantly, your handshake are vital parameters against which you are judged especially during an interview session. The right body language also tells us how interested, serious and attentive you are, traits crucial in one’s corporate life.

Holistic communication is both, verbal and non verbal. In fact, non verbal communication plays a far more critical role than verbal communication in creating that first impression. Great care is to be taken so that verbal and non verbal communication complement each other in all respects. Your body language should be able to portray the right behaviors or else it could have a serious impact on the intended outcome.

Personality traits like your self confidence, enthusiasm, sincerity and attitude are all visible through body language and can be gauged by the other person without a single spoken word. Typically an interviewer will give equal attention to not just what you say but how you say it!