Exit Interview

Exit Interview

When we look some employee going out of the our organization we may consider that the act may be his voluntary decision which prevailing him to take out step from the organization. But when we consider this as a organizational failure to retain the best talents with us we may seek to answer the questions does all the out going choice of the employee is subject to his personal choice or some other force motivating him to do so?

To a lay man Exit Interview may be a term which refers to the ascertaining from an outgoing employee as to what prompted him to leave the organization. Many organizations conduct such interviews with employees who are leaving organizations voluntarily.

Or we can view this term as a process where collection of data in systematic way , its aggregation for the organization as a whole, analyzing the data for identifying trends or patterns , if any in the employment turnover and using the findings to draft and implement strategies to arrest further turnovers and attrition in the prevailing organization.

When information is collected from the employee leaving the organization in a atmosphere in which he/she feels comfortable in sharing and reliving their understanding of the events or factors that lead to their resignation. The Employer should always provide an ambience in which employee can express his dis-satisfaction with the organization or the expectations of the employee from his/her job. The employee should be given equal opportunity to express the views openly and honestly.

The general questionnaire in the Exit Interviews typically deals with following :-

* What influences u to Leave the Organization?
* What do u like the least of our organization?
* What do u like most about our organization?
* What is your general opinion about our organization?
* Have u faced any situations of Discrimination to you in the organization?
* Is your company satisfactorily described your Job?
* Are you well compensated in the organization?
* Does our Policies shows any negative Impact on you?
* Does the our company provides you enough support needed by you to perform Your Job?
* What is your Opinion on Management development strategy of the organization?
* Is your Career Path well defined in the Organization?
* Are you satisfied with the Performance review policy and methods of the organization?
* What improvements would you suggest for the improvement in the work Atmosphere of the Organization?
* What additional services could we provided you to make you more pleasant in the work place?
* Would You recommend this company to your friends relatives ?
* Is training provided to you by the organization is sufficient to carry your tasks?
* Are you satisfied with the delegation of Authority in the organization?
* Is there anything You can recall as most satisfying about your Job?

The data collected from the exit interview should be utilized as a tool for analysis to identity the reasons for the Turnover in the organization. And further steps and actions to be taken by the organization for the betterment of the organization so as to minimize the Employee Turnover.

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