Professional Photography

For any discipline it’s important to have some kind of educational background. You need to prepare the base to be a professional.

There are many masters’ degree courses available for fashion photography. The London College of Fashion offers an MA in Fashion Photography. The costs for such a degree are around 12000 pounds for the year and a half course. In addition to this, students will need to budget around 8000 pounds for their living expenses. In India there are a few institutes where the minimum requirement is that of graduation in any stream.

Once you have got a degree, there are a good number of job opportunities. There are many fashion houses in India and abroad where students can get jobs as fashion photographers. These jobs initially may not pay well but as students move in their careers, their salaries will also rise. In case a student wishes to start his or her own business, a degree in fashion photography will definitely assist them in setting up their own firm. Self setup firms in fashion photography can provide services to fashion houses and luxury brands.

Salaries will vary depending on how much experience a student has in the field of fashion photography as well as the university the student has graduated from. Ideally, the student may earn around 20000 pounds per annum in the UK or around Rs 4 lakh per annum in India in the beginning.

Any photographer whether fashion or otherwise, would need equipment to start off with. There is no end to the equipment. There are some of the best photographers with loads of equipment and some without much. For professional photography you need some basic equipment.

Students should very carefully analyze their career goals before making a decision whether or not to pursue a degree in fashion photography. Students should try to touch base with professionals to get a bird’s eye view of the profession and maybe even do an internship before making a final decision. And students should avoid any kind of diploma or short term courses abroad, because such courses will not help students get jobs after they, graduate.

Professionals in photography can also go in for Aerial and Industrial product photography initially under an experienced senior. Even 2 decades ago the engineering giant Larsen & Toubro used to have a full time photographer covering aerial photography for their Industrial plants, Industrial product or structures for marketing purposes and also the Company’s in-house magazine published monthly. His professionalism on advising marketing people how to display the products for the photograph was of immense help. Aerial photography of the Industrial plants were meticulously covered where the employees can easily make out their manufacturing units in a vast complex. In addition the company used to send their photographers work to participate in National and International competitions. This has resulted in even winning some top prizes at international level.

A photographer can also make good use of Video camera. Their prowess can be well utilized in the Real Estate market by showing on the net the commercial and residential spaces duly furnished and in different combinations of colors and styles of furniture. Infact this is already used even by large Real estate builders and developers in India. Busy corporate managers can visit the sites after short listing properties viewing on the net.

Institute Watch:

1) National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi
2) Mass Communication Research Center, Jamia Mila Islamia, New Delhi
3) National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad
4) JJ School of Art, Mumbai
5) Academy of Photography, Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata.